Here’s Some Delightful and Not-at-All Icky Heart-Shaped Home Goods

Valentine’s Day is once a year, but a heart-shaped Le Creuset casserole dish is forever.

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Congratulations, you made it through January, arguably one of the worst months of the year. The end of the holiday buzz combined with a strict analysis of your personal habits and messy home make for a sad time. Don’t we deserve to smile and laugh as we temporarily make good on our New Year’s resolutions? Let my overflowing online shopping cart offer you temporary reprieve, and maybe even a chuckle. Here are some heart-shaped things that made me squeal with joy.

Let some love into the kitchen

This heart-shaped Le Creuset pot is the inspiration for this month’s column. (Actually, it’s this heart Dutch oven by our lord and savior Martha Stewart, but that’s sold out everywhere which does nothing for us!) I don’t think I need to explain the merits of a good cast iron pot. What’s beautiful and perfect about this one is its fun shape and two color ways: red for the purists and black for my fellow elder emos. What’s that? You already have a Le Creuset? But you still want to be cute and festive? I got you. Switch out the knob! You can also go for a more budget-friendly spoon rest and a silicone spoon to rest on it.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Heart, 2-Qt

Add an extra dash of love to your cooking with Le Creuset's heart-shaped pot. Made of enameled cast-iron to ensure steady even heating, it has an enameled finish that resists chips and stains, and a tight-fitting lid with a heat-resistant stainless-steel knob. Equipped with open handles for a secure grip, the oven keeps food warm for an attractive tableside presentation.

Le Creuset Heart Knob

Add a charming flourish to your favorite Le Creuset Dutch oven or saucepan with this easy-to-install figural knob. Crafted from stainless steel for lasting quality, it boasts a loveable heart shape and a gleaming gold-tone finish.

Le Creuset Heart Spoon Rest

Add some love to your kitchen collection with this stoneware spoon rest that's a lovely way to keep your counters and table neat and tidy.

Heart Silicone Spoon

Silicone spoon in heart shape in 3 assorted colors. Sold individually. The scraper head is made of sturdy silicone which is tolerant to high temperatures and the silicone is soft and will not scratch any surface.

I gasped when I saw this set of cherry measuring spoons. The spoon part is heart shaped!

Cherry Measuring Spoons

Looking for funny kitchen gadgets for your friends and family? OTOTO's quirky designs are great new home gift ideas! More than just a novelty item, these cherry-shaped measuring spoon sets are a kitchen must-have for all!

Most people aren’t fans of single-use kitchen appliances but maybe someone will make an exception for a heart waffle maker. And if your waffles are heart-shaped then your dishes should be too!

Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker

The Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker makes snack-sized, heart-shaped waffles in minutes. Compact size stores neatly in cabinets and drawers, and is the perfect size for any kitchen.

Le Creuset L'Amour Stoneware Heart Dish, Set of 4

Serve what you love for the people you love, in this radiant heart-shaped dish. Ideal for pasta, risotto, curries, salads, and even desserts, it brings versatility and joy in equal measure. Want to show you care? Give it as a gift for Valentines, Mothers Day, a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

Allow your love to flourish in the living room

I’m not gonna lie, I said "excuse me?!" out loud alone in my living room when I saw these heart stone dishes that fit into each other—great for dry snacks at a party or for jewelry and assorted trinkets on your dresser. If you’re not into stone, here’s a wood one you can use in all the same ways. Crystal, anyone? Not for me! But I support you.

Heart Alabaster Decorative Bowl

Hand-crafted from gorgeous alabaster, this heart-shaped bowl is perfectly sized for displaying travel treasures, petite light strands, foraged finds, natural botanicals, and beyond.

Wooden Heart Tray

Adding heart, soul and intention to your home, our wooden tray is hand carved in the symbol of love. Place it on a meditation altar or nightstand filled with special stones, mind-clearing incense, seasonal potpourri or cherished mementos.

Waterford Giftology Heart Box

The Giftology collection features Waterford's best crystal gifts in gift boxes with opulent gold-tone touches. The Giftology heart box is simply a perfect gift for multiple gift solutions. Sentiment on canister- "I give you my heart".

My couch is at full pillow capacity or else I’d be buying one of these teddy pillows. They look so, so soft and would mix well with existing throw pillows.

Cozy Teddy Faux Fur Heart Shaped Pillow

We have a soft spot for this texture-rich accent. Designed in-house and sewn of our cuddly teddy fabric, it makes a sweet addition to a sofa or bed. It also makes a heartfelt gift for any holiday host or special someone.

If you intend to lay your head on it, this version looks to be a bit thicker. Don’t sleep on the kids section of your favorite home decor store, it’s where they hide all the fun stuff!

XO Heart-Shaped Kids Throw Pillow by Leanne Ford

Dream your heart out. Sewn of pure fluffy cotton in a bright white hue, our heart-shape pillow adds softness and style to kid's beds, playroom sofas and beyond. The loveable loftiness and squeezable shape is giving us all the feels.Our exclusive collab with star designer and mom Leanne Ford is back by popular demand. This new collection is all about design-forward shapes and warm neutrals that let young imaginations roam free.

As you know by now, I love a mirror. And the heart-shaped mirror offering did not disappoint! This one is clean and simple, but I love the hand-drawn look of this one from Crate & Barrel. Both of these would look nice on a more narrow wall on their own or mixed into an existing gallery wall situation.

Heart Shaped Wall Mirror

This heart shaped wall mirror is perfect for home decoration and would also make an amazing gift for your loved ones.

Large Heart Wall Mirror by Leanne Ford

Decor to fall head-over-heels for. Inspired by a hand-drawn sketch, our heart-shaped wall mirror is edged in a slim band of black-finished iron. The perfectly imperfect silhouette feels at once edgy, unexpected and elevated, resulting in a wall accent that we're simply smitten with. Designed in collaboration with Leanne Ford, this wall mirror is a Crate & Kids exclusive.

Maybe you’re in need of a table-top sitch? This vanity mirror fits our theme, lights up and has a little spot for rings, beauty products, and whatever else needs holding.

UO Heartbeat Makeup Vanity Mirror

Show your shelf some love with this standing LED mirror in the shape of a heart. Features a catch-all tray base to store your favorite jewelry, makeup and skincare. Exclusively available at UO.

When I first saw this lamp I thought it was a lightbulb that somehow had a heart in it due to "science" and "engineering." It is in fact not a bulb that you can screw into any lamp, but a lamp itself. A tiny, cordless, light bulb-shaped lamp whose filament is bent into the shape of a heart. It recharges with a USB cord and lasts for about 90 minutes at a time. Look at this cutie!

Rechargeable Bulb Light

The Rechargeable Bulb Light features colored filament within a clear bulb. Powered by a USB-rechargeable battery (cord included) that delivers 5 hours of light after about 90 minutes of charging time, the bulb can be held safely in your hands and has a flat bottom so it can stand on a table or desk. It’s also equipped with a realistic base that is nevertheless just a bit too large to be screwed into a standard outlet—thus preventing unsafe use. The Rechargeable Bulb Light measures 4.75h x 2.5" diam.

More decorative flair, but make it heart-shaped

I think everyone needs an ashtray whether or not they smoke. If you’re a candle person, you know you need to trim your wick often, and ashtrays are great for dropping those little wick clippings. (Speaking of candles, I love this heart pillar!)

Yui Brooklyn Heart Skewer Shaped Candle

Decorative candle by Yui Brooklyn in a lovely shape. Made from natural soy wax with cotton wicks free of lead and zinc. Unscented.

Moving right along, this Ace of Hearts ashtray has two compartments and would look great on your coffee table.

Ace of Hearts Ashtray

Whether you smoke or you just want an adorable ash tray decorating your home, this ash tray will do the trick.This ash tray brings some perfect vintage vibes. Made entirely of substantial ceramic, this ash tray is decorated with an ace of hearts design and features sculptural elements like the heart in the center and dents to rest your cig.Ash tray is handmade and will have minor flaws that make each one unique.Ash tray measures 5.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"

I keep seeing TikToks about young women who put their daily meds or vitamins in little tabletop candy dispensers. While I firmly believe your pills should stay in their original containers, a candy dispenser full of your favorite treats (jelly beans for me!) could be fun.

Heart Shaped Candy Dispenser

This candy dispenser comes in either red or pink and can be personalized.

During the height of Covid lockdown, I watched so many online videos about rug tufting that I was convinced I would exit the pandemic as an experienced rug maker with a thriving Etsy business. That didn’t happen for me, but it didn’t stop others! This Etsy seller makes cute cartoony rugs, like this tearful heart, and takes custom commissions. Much like the mirrors above, a little tufted rug would look great hung up in a mixed cluster of painted or printed art.

Crying Heart Rug

This rug is a great living room decor, reading nook decor, kids room decor. Also this tufted art is an ideal gift as housewarming gift, housewarming gift, best friend gift. Hand-tufted with 100% Acrylic yarn Felt Backing

I know these handmade heart mugs are pricey but they’re so beautiful. The same ceramicist also makes the mugs in three speckled pastel colors and a taller, heart-shaped tumbler. While they’re meant to be drink vessels, you could very easily use these mugs for little succulents or other baby plants.

Heart Shaped Tumbler Hugging Cup

When you give someone a gift, you provide them with a piece of your heart. Here, at GOLEM, we made it easier for you! HeartWARE collection of handmade, wheel-thrown and altered dinnerware and home decor will brighten up even the gloomiest of days!Hug your Heart tumbler, and you will instantly feel loved, cared for, and a little bit spoiled.

And now for a bit of fun...

I’ll wrap this up with one last "recommendation," and you’ll notice the scare quotes around that word. I wouldn’t say I’d recommend this to anyone per se, but it made me laugh pretty hard. It’s a resin vase in the shape of a heart—the organ kind.

White Anatomical Heart Vase

A resin bud vase in the shape of an anatomically correct heart. A perfect present for any occasion. 4.33 x 3.15 x 5.91 inches

This product is not for me but I would be absolutely delighted (and full of questions) if I saw it in someone else’s home. So, uh, please, someone buy this!

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