Happy Homemaker Monday

I've created a "on the back burner" to-do list now.  Sigh.  It's just reality for right now.  I've just accepted it.  By accepting, I stress less.  With the list, at least there is a future plan in place.

We have had a long week of cold nights, dry and very windy weather.  It has been an issue with the garden, and now we head into very hot weather.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  I will link up later after she posts.  I have to get this day started early.

The weather . . .

80's/90's with lows in the 60's

As I look outside my window . . .

No traffic, as it's a holiday and most normal people have the day off.  Not my husband though.

Right now I am . . .

Listening to the weather, making coffee, and getting ready to water the garden.

Thinking and pondering . . .

Considering cutting back on how many times I write a blog post.  Do you read blogs daily?  Every other day?  Once a week?  Once a month?  

I still haven't decided on a cordless stick vacuum.  I haven't had time to venture out either.  Gardeners would understand, as it is a busy time of year.

Listening to . . .


How I am feeling . . .

Pretty good.  Just feeling a bit frustrated getting behind with the garden.  

On the breakfast plate . . .

Enjoying reheated leftovers of this Mexican Breakfast Skillet.  Delish!

On the reading pile . . .

I'm still reading Atomic Habits.  Some parts are very interesting, and a few a bit over the top, but still enjoying it.

On my TV this week . . .

Well, not the news.  We were subscribed to YouTube TV, but they raised their price.  We will stick with what we can stream via our wifi for now.

On the menu . . .

-Mom's Dried Beef Casserole (using quinoa pasta), and crock pot root vegetables

-Burgers, with lettuce/tomato/home canned pickles, and roasted rosemary asparagus

-not sure on the rest

Looking around the house . . .

My one daily pick, for my extreme clean progress - two craft containers to purge.

To-do list . . .

In no particular order

-wash bedding and put on the line
-install new toilet seat in master bath
-clean master bathroom
-trim rose bushes
-water garden
-boil eggs
-cook a pound of breakfast sausage
-dust entire house

For the week:
-take donations and drop them off 
-finish painting Kilz on upstairs larger floor

From the camera . . .

Looked like Christmas cooking onion with red pepper and home grown asparagus!  I just "winged" this dinner.

I used some herbs from the herb garden, home canned tomato sauce, organic ground beef (that I pre-cooked and froze thankfully, which saved me time), and added some garlic.  I topped it with cheese, and more herbs.  So good!  Oh, and I finally mastered at making half of what I used to make ha ha!  Oh, another thing!  I baked with with green lentil pasta (100% organic green lentil flour).  It was pretty good.  More dense of a pasta, but healthier, and didn't fall apart like chickpea pasta.  The downfall?  It's not sold in our stores.

Devotional, Prayers, Quote. . . 

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