Grandma’s Depression Bean Soup

As a child, Grandma would make this navy bean soup from scratch and to flavor it she would use simple root vegetables and whatever meat to flavor the soup mostly bacon grease or ham bones.

As far back as I can remember every thing was grated by hand or chopped very fine for this soup when adding the vegetables, you can now use a food processor with all the new technology in small appliances.

The soup is just full of flavor, tiny beans, and the most comforting economical soup probably on the planet.

In just a few hours you'll have this hardy bowl of the best-tasting Italian soup in its authentic original recipe just like Grandma used to make when we were kids.

Serve our tasty soup with Tuscan garlic bread or pita points and you will be sitting in front of this bowl with an addiction to this soup we grew up on!

If you love the flavors of ham you may want to try our Spiral Honey Baked Ham recipe and save the bone.

We are big fans of any kind of Italian dish made with white beans especially Escarole and Beans and Pasta Fagioli.

Scroll down to this printable recipe at the bottom and check out some of our alternatives for vegetables and meats to use anything that can go in this soup.

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