Fast Food Fancy: Creamy Beef and Pasta

This recipe is hands down one of my top three faves, and it’s a recent find. My parents have even asked me to make this for one of their dinner parties, and they are picky.

My little loves ground meat, so I was on an intense internet hunt for ground beef recipes. When this turned up, I immediately noticed the short ingredient list. Then I saw how simple the directions looked. Sold. 

It covers his three favorite food groups: ground meat, red sauce, pasta. One of the things I like best is that you can swap in different types of ground meat and pasta to mix it up. I recently used gemelli pasta because it’s a fun, easy-to-grab shape for little hands, but you do you. You could easily add some sautéed veggies as well to round it out. 

Proof it’s toddler approved

If we’re feeling extra fancy (and hungry), we’ll cook up a frozen Pepperidge Farm garlic bread to have on the side.

Damn Delicious has a bunch of excellent recipes, but this creamy beef pasta is currently at the top of my list. Enjoy!

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