Diary of A Homemaker’s Week: Not Looking Anymore


Saturday:  Writing this on Sunday.  I was absolutely done in by the time we arrived home on Saturday and unable to formulate thoughts into physical words.  Supper was cooked for me.  I'd insisted on takeout but was vetoed and in the end, we used what we had purchased at the grocery and added in two items from the Dollar store in town since Aldi had none of those two items in stock.  It was lovely.  Yes, clearing up was mine to attend to but that was fine.

But that was the back end of the day.  Let me move all the way back to Friday night.   First, we had a small one to deliver to a parent.  After the swap off, we stopped and got pizza for our supper.  That's two Friday nights in a row with that and I will admit they were very good.  Homemade pizza dough is good but there's an airiness to pizzeria dough that I have yet to achieve with my homemade dough.  I do see that the simpler toppings are the better the pizza seems to taste.  And that a thicker crust, not as thin as I stretch it here at home, is tastier.  Oh yes, and that Marinara is the best sauce.

(C) Terri Cheney

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