Cooking Without Photos - Pasta Salad

Mountain Fork, AR in Polk County. Never heard of it? Neither had I🤔🤔. There’s just not a whole lot written about Mountain Fork. Seems to be just a tucked away place in Polk County, very near the Oklahoma border.

I’ve added a photo (not mine) of their Mountain Fork Bridge. This bridge is on the historical register and celebrates 100 years this year❤️

This week’s cookbook, “Heart & Soul Cookbook”, was compiled by the members of Christ’s Church at Mountain Fork. The community first began hosting Sunday school in 1954 at the school house. Construction of the church began the following year and the doors opened April 1958. They are still holding services today.

Since summer is upon us, I chose to make Pasta Salad. This was very tasty!

Couple of things:

  1. Kraft stopped making Seven Seas dressing in 2012. I chose to go with straight Kraft.
  2. I used Roma tomatoes because they just make sense as a pasta tomato. Not too much juice and I cut out the seeds.
  3. I also put the cheese in last because to me it gets too soggy if you put it in and leave it.


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