Chicken Chickpea Florentine Soup

We just love soup of all kinds and this Chicken Chickpea Florentine Soup is a delightful bowl of soothing flavors.

Whether you use cubed raw chicken breast or already cooked rotisserie chicken this soup to save time, this delicious soup can be on your tables in less than 40 minutes from start to finish.

Chicken Florentine soup is usually creamy by adding large thick strands of Parmesan cheese, we left that as an option along with the addition of a lemony fresh citrus flavor.

This is a basic chicken soup recipe with the addition of chickpeas, and wilted fresh spinach, loaded with tiny pasta, vegetables, and chicken.

The soup can be made with all canned products or with our favorite homemade broth using Grandma's Classic Chicken Soup, so adapt to your personal preference using canned or fresh ingredients.

Our soup can be made with turkey also, or even another meat you may have leftover from another meal.

Chunky hearty soups our the family favorites around here, it's certainly a whole meal in itself in one bowl.

Scroll down to this printable recipe at the bottom and don't forget to read our alternatives check out our tips below.

chicken soup with chickpeas and spinach

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