Casserole Dinners

We all love those “dump-and-go” dinners. Those meals that won’t take too long and are delicious, comforting, and “kid approved”. If you Google “Casserole dinners” you will get an overwhelming amount of websites, blogs, and recipes. But which one will work? Which one would be good for your family? The reviews are sometimes helpful but at other times, not.

I love getting recipes from family and friends because I know they have tried them, loved them, and are sharing a great recipe with me. I wish to do that for you here. These are the Best of the Best! I have made each one many times for my family and they are practically perfect. I have these in my own Cookbook and I pull them out when I need something “kid approved”, comforting, and delicious.

My Top Casseroles Dishes Are

Lentils & Rice, no meat needed with this casserole just add a bag of corn chips or some tortillas. Dress it up with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa.

Tamale Pie, do you want the perfect Mexican dish for a busy night? This is what you want. Corn, beans, peppers, cheese, all mixed into creamy grits. Ready for those big scoopers and a dollop of sour cream.

Cheeseburger Casserole, it’s a cheeseburger in a dish. The only decision you’ll need to make for dinner is to decide to put pickles on top or not?

Pasta Bake, Pasta & Meat. Joy & Happiness. They go hand in hand and this dish will make even those stubborn eater think twice when they see this dish at the dinner table.

What are your favorite Casserole Dishes? I would love to give them a try – send them my way!

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