Ashley Graham claps back at trolls who accused her of taking ‘fat positivity’ too far

In the midst of holiday shopping madness, when everyone is struggling to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list, the online trolls still find time for unnecessary comments.

We know her, we love her and maybe you’ve even Googled, “Ashley Graham body positivity” on a day when you need a little pep talk, but Ashley Graham is not here to entertain any negative body comments. TODAY reports that the model, 35, posted a beautiful picture of herself Monday on Twitter in response to a particularly nasty Tweet that she received earlier.

In the photo, the mother of three is wearing a backless gold metallic dress and winking at the camera. She captioned it, “Quote tweet this with a photo of you taking ‘fat positivity’ too far. I’ll start.”

If you’re looking at this caption and questioning what she’s talking about, because really, how does one take positivity “too far,” well, there’s a story there. A Twitter user by the name of Sameera Khan recently posted two side by side photos of Graham with a caption that read, “The fat positivity movement is getting out of hand.”

The Tweet has since been deleted but TODAY reports that the photos this Twitter user posted seemed to feature the same exact dress that Graham later posted of herself. Of course, in the age of the internet it’s hard to delete something without it being shared a bunch of times first. And, as it happens, Graham saw or was made aware of the Tweet and proceeded to start a new social media trend with her own cheeky post.

And the fans did not disappoint! Many were quick to reply with supporting comments but a lot of Graham’s fans also responded by posting photos of themselves with tongue-in-cheek captions.

“Fat positivity went way too far here 😌😇✨

“It’s taken me a long time to love this body but I’m sure glad I do now 🥰

“This is the most recent picture of me taking ‘fat positivity’ too far. When I posted it, I cropped out below my neck. I need to stop doing that. And I need to take more pictures of ME. Thanks, Ashley😘

“How dare I love this picture of me jumping gleefully into the Mediterranean, on my dream anniversary trip to the Amalfi Coast, with the love of my life. How dare I take things so far as to experience unbridled joy (and unbridled pasta) and self love in this middle aged mom body?”

Ashley Graham has never been one to shy away from speaking out about body positivity or even toxic “bounce back” culture. She recently spoke with TODAY while she was on her way into the MTV Music Awards about body image. She said the most amazing thing, a novel statement when it comes to those who think our bodies should change to “fit in” with the times.

“I think that no matter the trend, just know that your body is in, because our bodies are not a trend,” she said.

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