A day in the life: working and blogging full time

I always love seeing a day in the life posts so today Im sharing what a day in the life working and blogging full time looks like for me. The most asked question I get always revolves around my schedule and how I do it all (by the way, I always smile and laugh a little at that because while yes, I do do a lot, I dont do everything at once, and I love everything I do, so it doesnt feel like Im doing it all and sometimes I feel like a hot mess and like Im not doing enough).
A day in the life working and blogging full time
Enjoying eggless waffles
5:00 AM
  • Wake up, go downstairs and review to-dos for the day, look at goals/vision board, and quickly look at/check emails for work/blog/personal and turn on a podcast or book to listen to as I get ready (shower or just skin care makeup and hair).
  • After I had the twins (same thing happened with Ben) I got into the routine of not waking up as early because Id be waking up when I fed them in the middle of the night. As of a few weeks ago, I started waking up early again because I love the peace and quiet for a little bit before everyone else wakes up and its been great.
  • Depending on what time Ben wakes up and how quick I am getting ready, I may even have 10-15 minutes to work on a creative project (something like reviewing/writing down ideas for a project or looking through a magazine) or just catching up on responding to Instagramor social media messages.
6:00 am
  • Ben/Nick wake up and Nick brings Ben downstairs and we play/read books (sometimesgaspwe turn on the tv and watch the news), hes been waking up earlier lately (so its more like 5:45) which Im really hoping stops soon. Twins usually wake up around 6 as well, so we change them, bring them downstairs and feed them.

working and blogging full time - mornings with twins and a toddler

6:30 am
  • We have breakfast (or I pack something to go that I can eat in the car usually I have a cup of iced coffee with sweet cream in it and a freezer breakfast sandwich Ive warmed (my favorite freezer breakfast sandwich recipe is in my 5-ingredient cookbook!).
  • Ben eats a little something (like an egg cup or a banana muffin) because he gets a small snack/breakfast at school (we call daycare school).
  • Between 6-7 Im also packing bags (a work lunch for Nick and I (this is his fave lately) and a diaper bag to have just in case, and my work purse, and a bag full of Bens snow clothesso many bags) and trying to get Ben changed and ready for school. Curious as to what Im wearing? Here are my basics (fall/winter)
  • Were working on potty training Ben, so usually theres some combination of me asking him if he has to use the potty and me chasing him around or reading him a book while holding one of the twins.
  • Its a little chaotic
Mornings with twins and a toddler
Ben stealing a sip of my Vitamin C boost smoothie
6:48 am
  • Babysitter for the twins arrives, dont ask me why but she comes at 6:48 like clockwork lol, we have a babysitter for the twins most of the week and a day of school for them as well.
7:00 am
  • I take Ben to school and take him into school and say goodbyes, check Insta in the parking lot after dropping him off, upload a story or two, then head over to work (my work is 2 minutes away from his school).

Toddler school drop off

8:00 am
  • Start work, its very busy, tons of to dos. I keep really good lists and try to stay focused.
  • Check in on twins and Ben (love technology Bens school has an app where you can see a report on what hes eating or when he uses the bathroom and sometimes pictures of what hes doing my fave!)
  • This is the working full time part!
12:00 pm
  • Lunch. I check in on blog emails and social media, and if there is a post that had been scheduled ahead for the day, I make sure it went live.
  • Here are some work lunch ideas (I pack us lunch pretty much every day in fact, I cant remember the last time I ate out)
  • Usually I get interrupted during lunch with something at work (like unloading a pallet which happened yesterday or a phone meeting which happened today)
Work day - full time working mom and full time blogger, working and blogging full time
Pics from school app, desk at work, lunch of turkey balsamic meatloaf or meal prep pasta
4:00 pm
  • Leave work and go pick up Ben
  • We chat in the car on the way home and he tells me about his day, I love this time with him. He also runs to me and says mama mama mama here when I go into the classroom and it melts my heart. The other kids in his class call me Ben K.s mom when they see me in the hallways and its too cute. Also, his teacher at school write on the white-board outside their room about what they learned and I always read it to know what to ask him about.
  • One day a week I do drop/off pick up with the twins at daycare and it is a whole thing that takes way more time because I have to take them in and out of the car and put them in the stroller and then navigate them into the building, and if its snowed they usually havent shoveled the part of the sidewalk where I would move the stroller easily so its a lot of moving things over snow and then I have to take them out and settle them in their classroom by the end of pick up/drop off Im sweating (they each way 15+ lbs, plus 8 lb carriers about 50 lbs total)

5:00 pm

  • Get home and play with the kids, another one of my favorite moments of the day.
  • Make dinner or warm up dinner. Lately its either been a quick meal from my 5 ingredient cookbook, a meal delivery kit or a freezer meal. Freezer meals/freezer cooking and making meals ahead has been a total game changer/life saver. Otherwise wed be having take out like every night because at 5:30 babies need to be fed.
Evening with a family of 5
Making dinner from my cookbook

5:30 pm

  • Feed twins (Im working my way through my baby food cookbook)
  • Family has dinner
  • Babies have a bottle

6:00 PM

  • We take kids upstairs (to their twins and a toddler shared bedroom)
  • We give them baths, read them books, put them to bed. Ben tries to stall by saying things like (me awake need water me playor the one that pulls at your heartstrings me need a hugwhat are you going to say to that, the answer is always YES and he knows it lol).
Bedtime for twins and a toddler
We read the book Sleepyhead every night, to each kid we have it memorized

6:30 PM

  • Nick and I come downstairs and look at the mess that has been created in the last 2 hours and let out a sigh lol.
  • Nick is beyond helpful and we clean a little/talk about our day, watch a little TV

7:30 PM

  • Ill either grab my computer and come to the couch or go into my small home office and work!
  • This is my primary time I get stuff done, when the kids are in bed
  • I post daily to my Instagram around 7 pm ish, so between 7-7:30 Im on Instagram, then I get into other blog work.
  • I do a lot of batch work where Ill do a bunch of the same task at the same time, so Im not all over the place.
  • Working on the blog means: writing blog posts/developing recipes/testing recipes/taking and editing photos/styling photos/taking and editing videos/scheduling social media posts/responding to comments/writing my newsletter/creating content and content ideas/doing follow up and working with others/researching how to do something/and the million other things that go into blogging and being a business owner!
  • Nick and I talk, hes the best sounding board

10:30 PM

  • Bedtime its gotten later and later lately because Im working on so many cool things and lose track of time, so I need to work on getting this a little earlier.
Work from home day:
  • One day a week I work form home. Its glorious and gives me roughly an extra 2 hrs work time where normally I would be in the car and dropping off/picking up at school.
  • I get so much done on my work from home days.
Working from home with a toddler
Behind the scenes Ben helping me work

  • I usually have a meeting at the house or go to a meeting I normally wouldnt be able to go to.

Working from home with son

  • On work from home days its more relaxed and I have breakfast with the kids and I also have lunch with them.
  • Ben likes to come in to my office and hes so sweet, he knows he has to be quiet and he does a good job keeping himself occupied (by looking through cookbooks and bringing in his toys and laying on the floor and lounging, he just brings in a blanket and pillow and its the cutest thing ever.) Ill be on phone meetings all morning and hell just be quietly behind me.

Work from home day

A few things to mention:
  • I work full time running operations of a natural products company, have a very full time blogging business, and love spending time with my family (Im mom to boy-girl twins and a 2 1/2 year old toddler-so three kids under three-see Catching Up With The Kelnhofers)
  • One of these days, Ill be sharing this a day in the life: weekend edition because while working weekdays days are very full, theres also the weekend days I work during kids nap times or where I have a photography day so Ill share what that looks like.
  • I absolutely LOVE learning new things. As you can see from above, I listen to about 2 hrs of stuff a daythats 10 hrs a week.
  • Im all about small progress. In my office, I have a sign hanging that says Big things happen one day at a time. Im such a huge believer in that. If youre working on something doing a little something each day, it adds up to a lot.

Keeping things in perspective being a mom and working

  • Cheesy but I try to be forgiving if something I want to get done doesnt get done. Yes, I get frustrated at myself, but I try to keep things in perspective. For example, the world isnt going to end (and probably no one will even notice) if instead of getting a post published on a Friday I get it posted on a Sunday. Id rather spend that few extra few minutes with my family.
  • BIG NOTE: Im blessed with three kids that sleep through the night and share a room so when theyre in bed I get to work, and Im blessed to have the most wonderful husband in the world and awesome people around me who make all this possible.
  • I feel like Im so much more focused and productive since having kids because I know Ill have 2 or 3 hours to do something vs 8 hrs.
  • I literally have to set timers to stop working because I love it and get lost in it.

Hope youve enjoyed reading what a day in the life working and blogging full time looks like for me. Did anything surprise you?

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