9 Vegetarian Meals That Will Make You Want To Go Meatless

Vegetarian meals sometimes get a bad rap for being boring or unsatisfying. After all, it’s not that easy to replicate the flavor of meat, especially in dishes that usually feature chicken, pork, or beef. However, vegetables and other plant-based dishes can be just as delicious as their meaty counterparts! Veggies and plant-based ingredients like mushrooms and tofu have their own uniquely delicious flavor, and when cooked in the right way, they will yield hearty dishes that will leave you wanting for more.

Whether you’re curious about incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet, or you’re a seasoned vegetarian looking to expand your veggie menu, you’re in for a treat! These recipes are perfect for those looking for something new, expand their palate, or even just reduce their meat consumption.

Here are vegetarian dishes that are so delicious, even meat lovers will be impressed:

1 Vegetable Sinigang Recipe

vegetable sinigang
Photo by Roselle Miranda

Sinigang is known for its irresistible sour broth, and is usually made with pork and vegetables. However, in this vegetable sinigang recipe, we lean into the veggie side of things and let the natural flavors of the labanos (radish), talong (eggplant), sitaw (string beans), okra, and kangkong balance out the deliciously tangy soup.


2 Vegetarian Pancit Canton Recipe

vegetarian pancit canton in a white bowl
Photo by Majoy Siason

Whether you’re serving a crowd or you’re sneaking away for a little midnight snack, pancit canton is an easy dish to put together. Not only can it be prepared in big batches; it’s also packed with that umami flavor that just makes it hard to have one serving. This vegetarian pancit canton recipe has sahog or ingredients that go well with the soy-oyster sauce of the pancit: sweet veggies like carrots and cabbage, savory bell peppers, and crunchy sitsaro or snow peas that add an interesting texture to each bite.


3 Vegetable Kare-kare Recipe

filipino vegetable kare kare recipe with vegetables in a bowl
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

The vegetables in kare-kare usually take on a supporting role, but in this vegetable kare-kare recipe, they take the center stage! Aside from the usual sitaw, talong, and bok choy that is added to the classic beef kare-kare, you can add any of your favorite vegetables to this meatless kare-kare dish. You can even recreate the crunch you get from crispy bagnet kare-kare by pairing this with fried breaded mushrooms!


4 Mushroom Tapa Recipe

mushroom tapa on a blue plate with garlic fried rice
Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

With the right attitude (and a foolproof marinade) you can make tapa with just about anything – even mushrooms! One of the best mushrooms to use in a tapa recipe like this one is oyster mushrooms, because they’ve got a wide surface area and ridges that absorb the marinade well. Plus, you can chop them into strips – just like beef tapa! Serve this mushroom tapa recipe with a toasted sunny-side-up egg and sinangag or garlic fried rice and you’ve got a hearty mushroom tapsilog that’s perfect for breakfast (or really, any time of day).


5 Tofu Steak Tagalog Recipe

tofu steak tagalog in a white plate

Bistek Tagalog is a salty and tangy dish that usually features beef strips, but in this tofu steak Tagalog recipe, you can swap out the beef with (you guessed it) tofu! The key is to use tokwa or firm tofu. Depending on what texture you like, you can slice them up thick to get a chewy outside and a soft bite on the inside; or you can chop them thinner to get crunchy, chewy slabs of tofu. Either way, serve this with lots of rice because it will be hard to have just one serving!


6 Sizzling Mushroom Sisig Recipe

Who says going vegetarian means you’ll be giving up sisig? Not us! You can still enjoy your favorite ulam or pulutan (bar chow) with this vegetarian version of the classic Filipino sisig. Plus, there’s an advantage that this sizzling mushroom sisig recipe has over the traditional sisig made with pork: the mushrooms are way easier to prepare than maskara!


7 Vegetarian Bolognese Recipe

vegetarian bolognese in a bowl
Photo by Patrick Martires

From its fillings to its sauce, you can’t deny that this meatless Bolognese recipe is just divinely delicious. It’s got eggplants and mushrooms to add an earthy heft to it, and it’s also made with veggies that lend their natural sweetness to the sauce to balance out the tangy tomatoes. This vegetarian Bolognese recipe is proof that you don’t need meat to create tasty pasta recipes.


8 Meatless Lasagna Recipes

meatless lasagna in a yellow rectangular bowl with a slice taken out of it and the mushroom filling is spilling out

Speaking of meatless pastas: there are so many ways to make vegetarian lasagna! You can make it like a regular meaty lasagna but with mushrooms instead of beef in this meatless lasagna recipe, or add a smokey flavor by adding a layer of grilled vegetables in this grilled vegetable lasagna recipe. The best part is that you can switch out or add your favorite vegetables as you like!


9 Mushroom Burger Recipe

mushroom burger topped with tomato and avocado on a wooden board
Photo by Toto Labrador

The one thing you can’t miss when making burgers is that juicy, hefty patty that pairs well with toasted buns and fresh veggies. These are usually made with beef, but you can also make them with mushrooms to make a vegetarian alternative! Not only is this mushroom burger recipe a yummy way to add more veggies to your diet; it’s also very filling, and it’s perfect for eating at home or on the go.


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