67 ‘Unknown’ Life-Saving Tips You Might Not Have Known But Definitely Should

You might be beset by dozens of problems in your daily life. But the moment there’s a threat to your safety or that of your loved ones, all of that goes out the window. Then, there’s only one focus: survival, at any cost.

However, in life-or-death situations, you can panic and freeze up. It takes quick wits and agility to get out of danger in one piece, whether you suddenly smell gas, get stuck in freezing weather, get lost in a big crowd, or feel like someone is following you. Though there’s no substitute for training, a decent starting point is knowing what to do in critical situations. At least, in theory.

Today, we’re featuring various redditors’ survival tips and tricks, as they shared lesser-known facts about staying safe, in an informative thread on r/AskReddit. Have you ever found yourself in any perilous situations like the ones described here, dear Pandas? What advice would you add? Share your wisdom and experience in the comments.

Bored Panda got in touch with the Australian Firefighters Calendar team to learn more about fire safety. Firefighter Ben Church was kind enough to answer our questions. Established in 1993, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised over $3.4 million for various charities. You'll find our interview below.


From a person who lives in the arctic:
If you are outside in cold weather and you are freezing, but all of a sudden feel really warm with no explanation as to why DO NOT REMOVE ANY CLOTHES.

You are about to die and your body is spending it’s very last energy on heating you up. Seek shelter and warmth immediately even if it feels like you are boiling hot.

People have been found freezing to death in their underwear not far from civilization because they believed they were warm

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Firefighter Ben, from the Australian Firefighters Calendar team, confirmed that fire does indeed spread rapidly. "In as little as 3-5 minutes, a small fire can quickly spread causing a house to be fully involved. This is due to many factors but primarily due to the construction of homes nowadays and the materials used," he explained to Bored Panda.

"Even the furniture that is in homes nowadays is different to what it used to be, which accelerates the rate of spread fire as compared to 20 years ago. Previously, furniture was made of hardwood material (which was slower burning) and now we have a lot of flat pack furniture made of chipboard (which burns much quicker than hardwood)." This may come as a shock to many of you readers. One would assume that there would be progress regarding fire safety as time moves forward, not the other way around.

Firefighter Ben said that you should evacuate your home if "initial/first strike firefighting actions such as using an extinguisher or fire blanket are ineffective or unsuccessful." The best firefighting method, instead, is prevention.

"It would be wise to make a fire proof plan for your household. Have a fire blanket in the kitchen and an extinguisher nearby but not too close to flammables such as paints, solvents, petroleum, etc. Make sure you don't leave power tools or batteries on charge for extended periods."


An "Impending Sense of Doom" is a legitimate symptom and you should hurry yourself to the ER, especially when accompanied by other symptoms such as chest pains, dizziness, numbness in limbs, etc...

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Not exactly an answer that will save your life, but may save the life of an animal. Never, ever, ever give away animals for free to strangers. Creating a financial disincentive to adopt weeds out people who cannot afford to care for a pet, people who will neglect that pet, and most importantly people who intend to abuse that pet. Serial animal abusers search for free animals on social media explicitly for this purpose.

Always charge money. It’s not so you can make profit. It’s to increase the chances that animal will be okay.

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There may come a moment in our lives when we have the opportunity to save someone in danger and be an everyday hero. For instance, you may see a fire in your local area. Once you call the emergency services, what do you do next? Do you wait for the authorities to arrive and support them then or do you attempt to save anyone who's inside by yourself? A lot depends on each individual situation. Bored Panda wanted to get the Australian Firefighters Calendar team's opinion on the right approach.

"It's a tough call and the general answer is to just wait outside and stay away from danger. I would encourage people to use common sense in these situations. Try and alert people that are inside by means of not endangering yourself," firefighter Ben said.

"Can you set off your car horn or alarm? Can you knock on the door or window out of the smoke? I would encourage passersby to gather as much information as possible (contact the neighbors to inform them of fire) so that they can inform the professionals that are arriving but also give them space to do their work," he told Bored Panda.

"There are a lot of hazards involved in structure fires that we as firefighters are trained to look out for and 2 casualties caused by a fire is much worse than 1 casualty.".


Relationships are voluntary.

If someone is hurting you or you just don't like being around them, mentally or physically, parent, friend, or partner, you are always allowed to leave.

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If you ever have to touch an electrical wire that you’re not sure is live or not, touch it with the back of your hand. If you touch it normally, the electricity will make your muscles contract, and you’ll automatically grab on to the wire tighter and tighter until you’re dead.

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I have 8 siblings; one is a firefighter/paramedic, other is a 911 dispatcher, other is a soldier, other is a cop and my sis is a lifeguard. They all contributed to this. None do Reddit so they wanted this. A lot of this is frequently asked questions. Sorry, this is long, we have a lot to share.

Fish smell but no fish? GET OUT, ELECTRICAL FIRE, CALL 911.

Drunk but no alcohol? Tell the person to smile, if it's drooping, it's a stroke.

Stabbed? Don't move it. Go to the ER because it's the only thing preventing you from bleeding to death.

Cinnamon smell in your drink? Don't drink it, it's a cover up for poison.

No service and need help? You're still able to call 911.

Ocean retreating? Get to high ground, there's a tsunami.

Need heat/light? Burn a crayon, it will last up to 14 minutes.

Don't know how to talk to 911? Say where you are first, what happened, your info, the victim's info, stay calm and answer questions best you can. The more info, the better.

Square waves? Avoid the water, you'll drown.

Think you're being followed? Make 4 right turns. Still behind you? Following you, DON'T GO HOME, GO TO THE POLICE STATION.

Held at gunpoint/knifepoint and told to go somewhere? DON'T GO. You're more likely to be found where you are than to the location you're being taken and make a scene too.

White fuzzy spot on your banana? Don't eat it, spider infestation.

In the woods and nothing to eat? Dandalions (the yellow ones) are fully edible.

Carjacker? Crash the car, then you're useless.

Under rubble? Grab an object and tap in intervals of 3, wait 10 seconds, tap 3 times again and so on.

Unmoving tornado? It's coming towards you.

Fall on tracks at a subway? There's a crawl space under the platform, go there until you get help.

Don't know the emergency number? Call 112, it's a worldwide emergency number.

Disturb a bee/wasp nest? They're not stupid, don't go in water, they'll keep stinging you when you go for air.

Purple flag on the beach? Don't swim, there are dangerous sea creatures in that area.

Bleeding? Elevate it above the heart.


Bitten and poisoned? DON'T SUCK IT. YOU'LL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE.


Elevator falling? Lay flat on your back and cover your face.

When does drunk driving occur? Late hours of the night (Midnight-4:00 in the morning) Friday-Sunday.

Hair randomly stands up while outside? DUCK AND COVER, YOURE GETTING STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

What info should I carry? List of medicines you take, allergies, name, age, address, phone number, where you live, what language you speak, blood type, any useful information for emergency services.

Fire? Before you leave the room, touch the door with the back of your hand. Cold? Peek out. Hot? Use the window if possible.

What's the 3-minute rule? You only have 3 minutes to escape a house fire. 3 weeks without food is survivable. 3 days without water. 3 hours without shelter. 3 minutes oxygen deprived

How should I leave a fire? Don't use the lobby or where you came from, when you walk into a building, there are exit signs, use those instead.

What's dry drowning? When you're drowning to the point you feel like you need to throw up water, even though you make it out, go to the ER because your lungs will fill with fluid over time then you drown from the fluid.

What if an animal is vividly colored? It means they're more likely to be poison.

Money falling from buildings? Don't pick it up, get the hell out of there, it's a way terrorists kill more people, is by having them all in one place.

What happens if a service animal is not with its owner? Go with it, it's getting help.

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You can never truly be 100% prepared for anything in advance because situations can and do change in unexpected ways. There's always room for error. There's always room for the unexpected. However, training and preparation are still essential. Don't sleep on learning survival skills or coming up with a plan of action in case of an emergency.

That’s one of the reasons why you periodically have fire drills at school and work: you need to put your theoretical knowledge to the test. You need your body to know what to do. Of course, things will probably never play out like you imagine them to when there’s a real emergency, but it’s good to build up some muscle memory

One half of someone’s survival habits is having a sharp mind and knowing exactly what to do and how you can tell if you’re in real danger. For example, knowing not to turn on the lights if you smell gas. Or knowing not to take off your clothes if you’re feeling hot when you’re someplace very cold.

The other half of this is physical fitness. If you’re healthy, athletic, and have good endurance, your chances of survival are far better than that of someone who spends all of their time on the couch, glued to their phone or laptop, constantly eating junk food. That’s aside from all of the daily quality of life benefits that come from regular exercise and eating a good diet, of course.


If you're in a crowd that's packed almost uncomfortably tight, ask yourself: If my shoe fell off right now, would I be able to retrieve it? Or would I just never see it again? if the latter, GTFO of that crowd.

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If you are ever being chased by a polar bear get completely naked and drop your clothes on the ground as you run away. Polar bears have really bad ADD and will firmly inspect your clothes before chasing you again

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Don’t remember where I learned it, but the air begins to smell like ozone before lightning strikes, so if the air starts smelling kind of like chlorine during a storm, it means lightning might be about to hit the area you are standing in

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Though changes in technology and medicine have improved our chances of survival, it’s still vital to have a good level of fitness. It’s as important now, as it was hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Especially in cases when you’re isolated or don’t have access to that technology.

In short, being fit and having a vast knowledge base will help you survive. Especially if you’ve physically practiced what to do.

But there is a limit to how much you can prepare: it’s not like you can ready yourself for a thousand different catastrophes. That would mean that it’s all you live for. It’s impractical, not to mention exhausting, having to live with the stress that something bad will happen. 


We all know the symptoms of a heart attack as pain in the chest and/or the arm closest to the heart (usually left, sometimes right). But women tend to have pain in their stomach instead. There are also cases of people thinking they have pain in their back which turned out to be their heart.

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If you smell Natural Gas in your house, don’t turn on lights, appliances or use the phone inside.
A spark could cause an explosion.

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If you or your kid is eating fruit and they complain about it tasting 'fuzzy,' 'hairy,' or something along those lines, it means that they are allergic to it. You'll want to schedule an appointment with their pediatrician to schedule an allergy test.

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Odds are that, yes, at some point in your life, you’ll probably have to deal with danger. However, you can’t sacrifice your peace of mind just for this possibility. You have to be aware of the dangers and prepare for the most common ones, without giving in to constant fear and paranoia.

When dealing with unpredictability, many people can react with frustration and disappointment. Most of us yearn for a sense of routine and certainty. And when that’s taken away from us, it can be traumatic.

The answer to this is to accept that there will be moments and entire stretches of time when we might not have control over what happens to us. Not everything will go according to plan. Sometimes, bad things will happen to us. But we can change our expectations and how we react to these new circumstances. It’s all about embracing what we can and cannot control.


Don't mix window cleaner and bathroom cleaner

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When doing CPR chest compressions pace them to Stayin Alive by the BeeGees

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If you are in a big crowd with a group and you lose track of them, call out your own name to find them, not theirs. I don’t know why it works, but people are more attuned to hearing their friend’s name yelled in distress than their own. I’ve had several opportunities to test it out, and I swear it works every time.

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If something is squirting blood, that’s an arterial bleed. You need a tourniquet.
When applying a tourniquet, go high and tight.
How tight? It’s gonna hurt.
You’ll know the TQ is working when you can no longer feel a pulse on that arm/leg.

Tourniquets CAN be improvised, but it is highly recommended to use a proper CAT tourniquet if available.
Make sure to record the time (preferably in 24 time such as 0930) that the tourniquet was applied.

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Kangaroos can't hop backwards

I don't care how drunk you get, you and a friend will be on vacation in Australia 5 years from now, he'll get attacked and you'll instinctively yell "get behind him!"

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People who fish need to know this - Eel blood (and by extension eel flesh)is a deadly poison before it is cooked or digested IF it gets into your bloodstream, such as through a cut. It contains an ichthyotoxin that essentially - even in tiny amounts - make your muscles (including your heart and diaphragm) cramp, which could quickly cause death.

Eels are always served cooked in Japanese restaurants for this reason. Digestion “could” digest the toxin, but you may have a cut in your mouth or throat, for example.

Preparing eels for the smoker or to cook must be done very carefully, ideally wearing waterproof cut-proof gloves.

I am always shocked that so many people who fish do not know this.

Eel is delicious and safe if properly prepared. Nothing to worry about if it is completely cooked. I adore it!

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Don’t leave a suicidal person alone, no matter how jolly he looks that moment.

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If you meet a confused, psychotic or drugged person, there are important things to be aware of.

Confusion is a more common word for "brain failure". The brain is no longer able to do its primary job: Filter what is important for you. You may have heard that our consciousness have very little bandwidth. If the brain can't sort things, sensory input becomes a fire hose, and you can't understand what's ever relevant to you to start dealing with. The frontal lobes shut down, and you start acting and reacting in some very primal ways. In many ways, you function mentally like a frightened animal.

You will perceive things differently. A smile is bared teeth and a warning. Eye contact beyond very short moments is a challenge. And so on.

So, you're somewhere where you happen to be alone with someone confused. Rule 1: Keep your distance. The personal sphere grows. Rule 2: Keep your face neutral, maybe a bit worried. Rule 3: No sudden movements. Rule 4: Hands where they can see them. Rule 5: Use simple words and short sentences. Rule 6: If you can get them to sit down, the risk of violence decreases. Rule 7: If you can give them a situation they recognize, like eating a sandwich and drinking some coffee, it's even better.

Remember, it's not an evil person. It's someone who is in very bad shape. When it goes south, it does so because you cornered them.


If you are injured or need help in a crowded place direct your pleas to a specific person. Otherwise people tend to think that someone else will help, it’s known as the bystander effect. In an emergency every second can be crucial, give specific instructions to specific people

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Always wear an anti static bracelet in applicable situations. Building a PC or even changing components is one.

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If anyone is ever getting electrocuted around you do NOT touch them directly.

Instead use some sort of object to get them away from the object they are holding or touching. You can use a belt wrapped around a waist (again be careful not to touch them), a broom, mop, fast moving office chair, hell if its that serious you can drop kick them out of contact.

Can't tell you how many people have gotten themselves electrocuted grabbing someone stuck to something.

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Losing too much weight too fast will damage your kidneys.

Happened to my father who was trying to go into retirement in better shape. Lost 60 pounds in 2 months eating ONLY salads and drinking water. No carbs or fat. All cardio no weight training. Somehow destroyed one kidney and impaired the other one, he is on daily dialysis now. After it happened I did some research and it seems that your body gets used to the fat in your system which helps curb the toxin filtration. Losing too much too fast is like throwing extra dirt into a filter all at once instead of little at a time. The right way to do it is a few pounds a week with both weight lifting and cardio, also still include some carbs and fat in your diet even if it takes a longer to shed off the pounds. Maybe this is common knowledge because I had somewhat heard this before but I had never seen how it shreds through kidneys so quickly before.


Don’t try to put out a grease or oil fire with water. Boom


I learned this from Mythbusters, in the episode about crashes (cars/helicopters) if you find yourself disoriented underwater: Calm people live, panicked people die.

I was in a boat crash a number of years ago, and I believe this saved my life. No flotation device, stupid, I know. I dont remember the impact, I was suddenly several feel underwater and didn't know which way was up. I freaked for a split second, then that advice popped into my head. I stayed still, and let bouyancy do it's thing, saw some bubbles and followed them as they rose.


If you’re ever involved in an active shooter incident outdoors, take cover behind the engine block of a car. Rifle rounds will go straight through most vehicles, but the engine can stop them. If you’re indoors don’t hug the walls (stay about a foot off) and get through doorways as quickly as possible.
Kind of sad that my MOUT training is also applicable in day to day life in America.


If you can't talk, but have access to your phone, you can text message 911

The "ordering a pizza" trick isn't (or wasn't at least) an official thing. You might get a call-taker who remembers that story, and figures out what you mean, or they might just assume you're stoned and hungry.

Is your emergency really f'ing bad, and you need help fifteen f*****g minutes ago? Then answer all the f*****g questions that you (safely) can. Yes, the dispatcher thinks they're stupid too, but you're going to get better help sooner.

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If you're choking and alone, you can throw yourself onto the edge of furniture, like a chair or couch or table. A blow like that onto your midriff is similar to a heimlich manoever and can dislodge whatever is stuck in your trachea.

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Won’t save your life but will save your teeth: don’t use mouthwash after brushing your teeth with toothpaste, it just washes the fluoride away. Instead what you should do is brush with toothpaste after breakfast, then use mouthwash after eating lunch, then brush with toothpaste before going to bed.


Oil-soaked rags (from stain, oil-based paint, changing the oil in your car, etc.) can spontaneously self-ignite if not disposed of properly.

Don’t just throw them in the trash. It’s better to dry the rags out completely, then submerge them in water, then dispose of them however/wherever your municipality collects hazardous materials.

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Fire spreads fast. **Really** fast.

As in: It can go from a wastebasket to an entire room in three minutes flat.

If you find something in your house is on fire and you don't have something immediately to hand (such as a fire blanket or extinguisher), get everyone out immediately. Don't even stop to find your phone.

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Never ever pull out a deadly weapon (as in knife) in a fight if you do not intend to use it right away. If the other guy gets their hands on it, there is a strong possibility that they will use it on you instead.


Always pay attention to peoples hands when talking to them. Hands in pockets could mean a weapon or a fist about to strike. Peoples hands are what can get you injured or killed


If you’re ever buried alive, spit. If the spit goes downwards the ground is behind you, if it lands on your face then the ground is in front of you and you should dig upwards


If it's brown, lay down
If it's black, fight back
If it's white say goodnight.
It's how to react when there is a bear. If it's a grizzly, they don't eat dead animals usually. So if u lay down, they'll probably ignore u.
Black bears eat everything, even dead bodies so ull have to fight back or ull die.
If its white. It'll kill you. So ask for forgiveness to whatever god u believe in and say goodnight


Help in case of a venomous snake bite:

Unlike some popular misconceptions, you shouldn't suck out the venom, cut the bite wound, or apply any ice or water before seeking professional medical treatment.

You should help the injured person lie down and cover their wound with a sterile bandage. Then you should remove any jewelry from the wounded area. If the person was bitten in the leg, you should remove their shoes too.


Single-pane windows on any floor above the first one should either be replaced by double-pane windows or protected by a fence. One small misstep can be fatal, as a mother in Amsterdam campaigned about her son who died at age 22 because of falling through a fragile single-pane window.


Benzodiazepines will kill an acid/shroom trip, specific I know but may help someone at some point.


if you swallow food and your throat is dry and the food gets stuck in your throat and you go to drink water and the water won’t even go down…. (super scary) look straight up to the sky or ceiling to open your throat and swallow. This straight position helps to get stuck food moving quickly.


Checking your tires- Tires have build dates and “expire”. Regardless of the amount of tread depth tires should be replaced every 6-7 years. This can save you from an unexpected blow out or crash.


unlike they always show in movies, you have to turn the knife sideways to get between the ribs when stabbing someone in the chest to get to the heart or lungs.


Avoid wearing headphones, earphones, or air pods if you're walking alone on a street especially when it's dark. This attracts kidnappers since they think you are off-guard and would not hear them approaching. Avoid being on your phone too cause it makes you appear distracted. Just walk and be alert. If you feel like somebody is coming or following you, try to fake a phone call as if someone is waiting for you not too far from your current location. Say things like "I'm almost there guys" or "I'm already here at (current location)."

This stuff came from a caught kidnapper. He describes what type of people they go for in the street. They also avoid approaching people with both hands stuck in their pockets since they are unsure if they're holding a knife or other self-defense weapon. Hope this helps.


If you are in a jungle or something and have doubt on what fruit is edible and what isn't, look at the monkeys and what they eat.

Also fishes tend to be the safest bet on what to eat, followed by common insects (but you have to see another animal eat them first), ironically plants are the most dangerous SPECIALLY if you don't know what species can be venomous


The majority of aircraft accidents happen on the ground, during take off and landing. When you board an aircraft always count how many chairs are between you and the emergency exit. If you are in an incident that involves fire then you will be wanting to stay below the smoke that is rising above you and rapidly filling the cabin. As the smoke fills the cabin it will become dark, very dark, and you won't be able to see the exits. What you will be able to do is feel the seat legs as you crawl across the floor, and know that 13 rows ahead of you followed by a left of right turn is the exit.


If you have a bad gut feeling about someone but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, run.
It's better safe than sorry.


In trouble in the water? [*Stay calm and float on your back*](https://rnli.org/video-player/AFA4C7A2-5773-42DF-880D3E652D10C4A2). This goes double if you *fall* into *cold* (below 15C water) water, which causes [cold water shock](https://watersafetyscotland.org.uk/information/cold-water-shock/), which can kill you. It takes about 90 seconds for that to wear off.

What does "in trouble in the water" look like? [Head at the waterline, tilted back, and moving like climbing a ladder](https://youtu.be/TDdCBqxbCAw). It's *fast and silent*, not splashing and yelling.

If you're caught in a dangerous current, [*flip over and float*](https://youtu.be/71D8Y8YlsRA). You *need* to stay at the water surface breathing until you can rescue yourself by swimming out of the current or until professionals can rescue you.

Wear a life jacket. Stay sober at the beach. *Always* have one person on shore with eyes on the swimmers, even if there's a lifeguard. For the love of humanity, if you can't swim, *please* learn, and I'm begging you, stay out of the water entirely until you can.

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Having to wait a certain amount of time to report someone is missing is 100 percent a lie made up for TV and movies.

Finding a missing person is actually a race against the clock and the first 24 hours are the most important. If someone is missing missing, call the cops NOW.


Smoke detectors don't last forever - you're generally recommended to replace them after ten years.


Keep an eye out when you wipe. Colorectal cancer which used to be prevalent in older men is showing up in younger and younger people. So if you see blood bring it up to your doctor. I'm currently dealing with it and I don't wish this on anyone.

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Tsunamis don't only happen in oceans. Any large enough body of water can have a tsunami. In fact, some megatsunamis didn't even occur in oceans. In 1958, a fjord in Alaska recorded a tsunami after an earthquake caused a landslide. It about 524 meters (1,720 feet).

With this information, the warning signs of a tsunami or a tsunami like wave should be taken to consideration in areas such as lake and dams.


Having a partner choke you amidst a bout of domestic violence indicates that you are more likely to die the next time it happens.


Humans are dangerous animals who will panic at a moment's notice. So, in an unfamiliar place always find out where the exit is. People have died being trapped by stampedes. Someone taught me this years ago and I do it without thinking now.


if at any point you feel like you're being stalked by some creep, walk inside the nearest shop or store and wait a bit. if they look like they're waiting for you, stay put and call police. if they follow you inside make a scene and draw attention to them so witnesses will know what they look like and provide help


Heart problems present differently in women than they do in men. My mom was very exhausted and had excruciating jaw pain. Her boss’ mother was a nurse for many years and told my mom to get to an ER stat. One quadruple bypass and almost 6 years later and my mom is thankfully still here, currently en route to see her friend.


If a cow is trying to charge you, it’s best to hit them in the nose with all the force you have, it’ll buy you a few seconds. Their heads are hard as hell, the nose is the softest & most sensitive spot.
In addition, if you’re ever in a situation with large animals, even the sweetest of large animals, ALWAYS be aware of an escape route should you need it.


Swim parallel to shore if you get caught in an undertow while swimming at the beach.


Eating +24h old cooked pasta that has not been refrigerated can be deadly

if you're knifed or shot badly and is about to pass out and wont be able to put pressure on it, make sure the wound is at least pointed upwards when lying down as u will bleed out much slower.

if injected with an unknown venom, don't ice the area, most venoms become less effective if you instead heat the troubled area instead.

If stranded in the desert, don't save ur water, drink it when u are thirsty, a lot of people pass out and die with still water left because they were saving it


If you're ever trapped in your car, pop the headrest of your seat out. Those metal pieces that lock it in place are also designed to break the cars windows


If you use any kind of gas appliance (oven, water heater, etc.) and the flame becomes yellow, shut it down, open the windows and breathe some fresh air. Yellowish flame, instead normal blue one, indicates incomplete combustion, which leads to carbon monoxide poisoning. The only exceptions are when you spill some salt nearby or have an air humidifier running, as these two things also have the ability to turn flame color yellowish. **But it doesn't work the other way around** - blue flame doesn't automatically mean there is no carbon monoxide being produced.


Make sure your kids know their full name, date of birth, full address, full name of their parents and their parents phone numbers as soon as they're old enough. Tell them no adult asks a kid for help. Teach them the anatomical names for all body parts. Teach them no one is allowed to tell them to keep secrets or to tell them they can't tell anyone else something. Don't let your kids go on sleepovers. You have zero control over who might be in the house when they're there and you're not.

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If you suspect someone is following, turn 4 right corners and if they are still following, your suspicion is correct.


a bit vague, but alway be aware of your surroundings, im not saying to be paranoid, just know where emergency exits are, in cinemas for example, choose the emergency exit row.

if you are walking in an area you dont know, keep an eye out for alley ways etc, if you see an alley on your left ahead of you, cross over to the right before you get there, basically, just always take the safest option and be aware of your surroundings, assess situations etc....


As long as you are not encircled or without escape possibilities never go for a fight. A fight is by definition an uncontrollable situation for you. The human body is very fragile. You can easlily end up at the cemetery or in jail, no 200 bucks are worth that. Even professional fighters avoid fights on the street. This is even more the case when knifes are involved. The old saying goes: the looser of a knife fight dies on the sidewalk, the winner in the ambulance.

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Signs of a stroke can show differently for women than for men.
Some women experience:
-sudden pain in the face
-trouble breathing
-elevated heart rate
Where the usual symptoms people know are:
-partial paralyses
-difficulty speaking


ER nurse here, I have a few that may or may not have been covered:

Don’t mix alcohol with opiates. They both depress the respiratory center of the brain and combined, can kill you.

If you are a recovering addict and you relapse, don’t take the same amount of the drug as you did the last time you got high. You had a tolerance then, you don’t now. Many overdoses happen this way.

If someone arrests or dies in front of you, start chest compressions right away and don’t stop. Good quality chest compressions that are continuous and delivered at a rate of about 100/min can and do save lives (sing ‘Stayin Alive’ during compressions if necessary).

If you’re pregnant and having bad headaches that won’t go away, get to the ER; they’re a sign of preeclampsia.

If you’re worried about a heart attack and need to get to an ER, take an aspirin right away, it thins the blood.

If someone is passed out and vomiting, turn them on their side, don’t leave them lying on their back, they can aspirate on their own vomit.

Lastly, in an emergency, if an ambulance is on the way, don’t try to drive to the hospital instead. They have lifesaving equipment in their vehicles and you don’t. Wait for them and stay on the line with the 911 dispatcher.

Stay safe out there kids.


If you have any of these symptoms, even if you’re perfectly healthy person with a good diet you could be a Type 1 Diabetic (a life altering autoimmune disease that could kill you if you don’t catch it)

- Excessive thirst
- Frequent urination
- Weight loss
- Excessive hunger
- Fatigue
- Slow-healing bruises

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