6 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Flatmates When You All Have Busy Schedules

You don’t need us to tell you how hectic life can feel lately. If you live with flatmates, one big indicator of the current chaos of life might be the unending feeling of being ships in the night, drifting past each other only on the mad dash out the door, or coming up for air from late-night scrolling sessions. 

If this is you, we’re here to remind you that the time you have right now with your roomies is some of the most precious you’ll get and to make the most of it. Taking inspo from Paramount+’s new rom-com series, The Flatshare, we’ve pulled together six ways you can slow down and reconnect with your roomies amongst everyone’s busy schedules. 

From a good old TV sesh to the simplicity of leaving a cute note to buoy your roomie's mood for the day ahead, here are six ways to reconnect with your roomies. Plus, you could be in with a cause for celebration with the chance to win $11,000 towards your rent. Simply tell us what you'd write on a Post-it note to show your roomies some love. Enter over here

Put Your Phones Away For Pasta Night

No matter how busy everyone’s schedule is, you’ve got to eat, right? So whether it’s a full-blown extravaganza where everyone blocks out a full weeknight or a slow Sunday evening to come together a pasta night is a perfect way to regroup and connect. If everyone has a little more time to spare, try making fresh pasta from scratch—it’s a great way to learn a new skill and stay off your phones. Plus, making your own pasta only gets better with practice, so this is a great one for a monthly get-together. If you’re more into the chatting than the making aspect, put the water on to boil, whack in your favourite ready-to-go pasta, and set the table for some quality face-to-face time with your roomies. 

Leave Them A Cute Post-It To Brighten Their Day

As The Flatshare on Paramount+ proves, not all Post-it notes are made equal, but every Post-it note can be powerful. With a few simple words left on a brightly coloured, sticky piece of paper, you could change the course of your housemates’ days for the better. Wake up for work before them and know they have a massive deadline today. Whip up a little Post-it wishing them luck and leave it on the bathroom mirror. Love how brave they are for always capturing and removing the spiders that find their way inside. Let them know their hero status with a cheeky Post-it on their door. There are endless ways to add a little surprise pep to their day, and the best bit is that the Post-it method doesn’t require you to be in the same place simultaneously, so busy schedules are no bother.  

A Dedicated TV Sesh For Some Slow Time Together

If you find it hard to pin down a time that works in everyone’s schedule to spend some quality time, you’re probably also all pretty tired. Pencilling in an activity that doesn’t require too much energy, and can be done in your pyjamas is usually going to be a winner and what's better than settling down in front of the TV for some cheeky snacks and a new bingeable show?  We recommend programming your viewing session ahead of time to avoid the hour-long scrolling session trying to find something that everyone wants to watch. If you’re stuck for inspo, The Flatshare, Paramount+’s new rom-com series adapted from Beth O’Leary’s best-selling novel of the same name, is stacked with quick humour, roommate drama with a twist and a healthy dose of romance, sure to keep everyone happy. 

Put Your Brains Together And Get Down To Your Local Trivia

Getting out of the house with your flatmates is a big vibe. First of all, if you add a cheeky pub meal to your trivial pursuits, there are no dishes to clean up at home (and therefore no long-silent standoff for the week ahead about who actually used the large saucepan last and whose turn it is to unstack the dishwasher.) Plus, actively getting out and spending time with your roomies adds a feel-good factor of bonding that extends past the concept that you only hang out because, well, you live in the same space. Trivia also has a way of uncovering people’s secret hobbies and interests, so get out and unearth some hidden skills in your household. 

Volunteer Your Time Together

It’s easy to get caught up in how hectic life can be and find yourself and your roomies holding group venting sessions on a nightly basis that can sometimes make the chaos seem worse. A great way to collectively step back a bit from your day-to-day world is to donate your time to something productive that isn’t work. There are plenty of ways to get involved and volunteer your time to local causes if you start looking. Can’t resist the cute face of a loving pup? Seek out your nearest greyhound rescue and spend a couple of hours topping up your happy hormones with some four-legged friends. Always feel better after spending some time outside? Look for charities that actively plant trees in your community. Whatever you and your roomies' vibe is, we bet there’s a way you can volunteer your time that matches up.

Meditation Or Moving Your Bodies

Busy schedules mean it can be hard to find time to look after yourself, let alone connect with your flatmates. Putting a weekly sesh in to slow down your mind, or get your heart rate up ticks both boxes of self-care and connection. With heaps of at-home yoga, pilates and meditation channels available, pop in a weekly sesh in the living room with your roomies, or lace up your shoes and head out for a group jog. Whatever your style, the happy hormones released with exercise will make your quality time together all the more enjoyable. 

Keen to get a little more inspo on how to connect with your roomies with the power of the Post-it note? Tune in to The Flatshare on Paramount+ now.

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