50 People Share Their Go-To “I Don’t Feel Like Cooking” Meals

Although most of us are aware that cooking from scratch is the healthiest and one of the cheapest ways to get your nutrition game up and going, sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do.

That’s when the temptations come in: cheesy tacos, meaty burgers, or frozen pizza. But it turns out you don’t need that much effort to prepare a pretty good meal and “I Don’t Feel Like Cooking Today” meals can be an art form in itself.

So when someone asked people “What is your go-to ‘I don't feel like cooking’ meal?” on Ask Reddit people rolled up their sleeves, sharpened their kitchen knives, and got to work. From very basic ingredients to as little effort as possible, this is what we call a perfectly optimized meal.



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A flour tortilla with shredded sharp cheddar and some La Victoria salsa. Fold it over and nuke it for 30 seconds, and eat away!

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A freezer pizza

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Pasta with butter or olive oil and powdered parmesan

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Same here, though it's more like "we don't feel like coming up with anything to make, or going shopping" since it still involves some cooking.

We get these noodles called Mi Goreng, make them, add some sauteed vegetables (whatever we have) cooked in gochujang, with a fried egg on top. It is so good.

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Frozen dumplings from the supermarket

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There's a lot of cooking going on in this thread.

For me a sandwich. Specifically cream cheese and ham.

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Black bean chili. A can of black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, some onion, some garlic, some chili powder, salt, pepper, and a bit of simmering. Easy, cheap, and tasty. It's a weeknight staple now.

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Not magic but fried egg sandwiches are quick, cheap and easy on a weeknight and the whole family likes them. Egg fried the way you like, cheese on toasted bread. Bonus if you've got some leftover ham or bacon in the fridge.



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toast with sunny side up eggs, feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers

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Tuna melt on English muffins here. Always got tuna, mayo, an onion and something I can toast under some cheese .

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Instant mashed potatoes with butter and peas

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I nuke a bag of veggies and legit just eat out of the bag with a fork

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Canned stuffed dolmas from Trader Joe’s. Also a great work lunch.

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Ramen and an egg

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Bunches of green onions go on sale all the time here for under a dollar, so I will buy like 10 of them, dice them finely, and put them in the freezer. When I make my ramen with an egg, I can grab a handful and toss them in.

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My family has done this all the time ever since I was little and now I have my wife making it too.

We affectionately call it shaker cheese spaghetti.

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Lunch meat, pepperoni, pickles, olives and cheese.

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Baked potato


Egg on rice, lil soy sauce, lil sesame oil. *mwah* ?


Box of Mac and cheese with browned hamburger onions and some peas mixed in.

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Bread and cheese. French bread and French cheese to be precise.


Peanut butter on a spoon

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Bagel Bites, freezer section. Trust me those things f*****g slap

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Shawarma place less than a 5 min drive from me.

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Grilled cheese


I always keep at least 5 "lazy day meals" in my freezer for this exact purpose. If I see a good discount on ingredients I'll buy more than I need, cook a larger portion than what I intend to eat that day, and keep one in the freezer. It helps a lot when you get sick and need to eat like a normal human being.

Just remember FIFO (first in; first out).

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Instant noodle

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Toast. An entire loaf of toast.

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I add a knob of butter to the beans when they are heating, and then ground white pepper afterwards. 'Kin delicious!


I make giant batches of soup and freeze a ton of it in 1 cup cubes. Takes 30 seconds to pop a frozen soup cube or two and put it on the stove to boil until done.

I'm also frugal so a lot of my soups are called "protein" anything soups. Whatever protein I have on hand (chicken, sausage, etc) paired with whatever veggies I have that are going bad/ I got on sale.


Rotisserie chicken and a box of stuffing.


Get those little frozen burritos (El Monterey is the brand I get) two of those on a plate

1min in the microwave, flip then another minute

pile with shredded cheese and salsa (or just hot sauce)

then one more minute in the microwave.

I call them Bachelor Enchiladas, or Bachiladas

it's a good meal that's ready in about 4 minutes including the time to dig em out of the freezer. Only dishes it dirties are a plate, a fork, and your cheese grater.

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Eggs and toast,


Rotisserie chicken is a great option. Make s big salad or just cut off however much meat you want and you're set.


Spam, eggs and rice


Frozen foods from Trader’s Joes. It tastes so good even from a microwave.


Chinese Inspired Late-Night Noodles

Boil some noodles, drain, and then toss into a skillet with some oil to lightly crisp (optional). Mix a few spoonfuls of Lao Gan Ma chili oil (I prefer the black bean variety), soy sauce, and sesame seed oil then mix it with the noodles. A bit of sesame paste or peanut butter in the mix also works well.


When I used to babysit these three boys and I didn't have much cooking skills, I made up this simple dish that they absolutely loved. We called it 'Samurai Slop.'

- egg noodles

- ground beef/sliced kielbasa

- Korean bbq sauce

-(optional) fried egg on top

About as easy as mac n' cheese, and actually pretty good. ~~Throughout my 20's,~~ f**k I still make it for myself when I'm lazy.


Cheese & crackers and or peanut butter & crackers


Tuna sandwich


McDonald's or Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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Tortilla. Shredded cheese. Tortilla. Microwave 1 min.


I once had to claw my way into a can of chef boyardi after the lid snapped off and I realized I didn't have a can opener. I also didn't have any silverware or plates, so I ended up drinking cold tomato sauce and noodles, which was actually oddly satisfying.


Chicken strips and fries


Canned soup or a Harris Teeter sub. That Well Yes soup brand is really good imo

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