35+ First Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The New Dad In Your Life

Every new dad is both anxious and excited as they step into their new role of raising a child. Becoming a new father is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated. A father is someone who is always there for support and love, so this year give him a Father’s Day present that will show him your love too. We’ve collected 35 of the best Father’s Day gifts from you and your newborn baby. These gifts are both heartfelt and creative and are sure to show Dad that he’s a special guy. In addition check out our Father’s Day gift guide for the greatest Father’s Day gifts to give for the new dad in your life.

Personalize your gifts with a fun Father’s Day quote to make him feel extra special. Pair any of these gifts for dad with heartfelt Father’s Day cards message to make him feel like the best dad in the world.

1. Fill Er Up Growler

Engraved stainless steel growler with drinks

Keep his beer fresh with personalized stainless steel beer growlers. Add a signature touch with a custom engraving such as “Happy Father’s Day” or his name.

2. Painted Mosaic Styrofoam Tile Picture Frame

Styrofoam picture frames with painted mosaics

This DIY gift utilizes simple materials and allows you to get creative. Paint a mosaic tile pattern onto a styrofoam frame in his favorite colors. Insert a photo from your newborn baby photo shoot to create the ultimate keepsake he will cherish forever.

3. Mountain Man Homemade Detox Soap

Green and white mountain man detox soap

What better way to help him relax and unwind after a long weekend camping trip than with some homemade mountain man soap? Made with shea butter and natural oils, this detoxifying blend will have him feeling refreshed in no time.

4. Dad’s Token Tin

Silver tin with tokens for dad

This DIY gift is a fun take on Father’s Day coupons that he can choose to use at any time. Some ideas for your tokens include snuggles with your newborn baby, a relaxing movie night or breakfast in bed.

5. DIY Fishing Rod

Fishing rod with wine cork handle

For the dad who loves fishing, craft a simple fishing rod out of wine corks, bamboo and some string. This will make any day on the lake feel more personal and any new dad is sure to love it.

6. DIY Paint Dipped Golf Tees

White golf tees dipped in colorful paint

Who said the best gifts have to be complicated? Add some flair to plain white golf tees by dipping them in colored paints. When he’s teeing up on a weekend morning, he’ll think of you and your newborn baby and feel appreciated.

7. Tin Can Treats

Canned snacks with fun designs and labels

Upcycle some regular tin cans into personalized snack containers. As a first-time father who is always on the move, he’ll love being able to grab one of these cans to take with him to meetings or while running errands. Customize these tasty treats by wrapping the cans in patterned paper and including a fun message.

8. Remote Control Cookies

Remote control sugar cookie with colorful candies

These adorable cookies are the perfect addition to any relaxing Father’s Day. He’ll love munching on these while he kicks back and watches TV on the couch.

9. Tie Dye Bookmark

Colorful tie dye bookmark with silver charm

Does Dad like to read? Create a groovy bookmark out of colored markers and rubbing alcohol. He’ll appreciate this present as he’s flipping through his favorite novel.

10. Luggage Tag

Photo luggage tag on brown leather bag

Does Dad love to travel or go on a lot of business trips? Step up his suitcase game with personalized luggage tags. Customize with your favorite photos so he has a piece of your family with him wherever he goes. Include all of his contact information so he never loses his luggage.

11. Shirt and Tie Origami Money

Dollar bill folded into shirt and tie

Is Dad saving up for something special? Turn regular dollar bills into something fun and creative by folding them into shirts and ties. He’ll be able to spend the money on something he wants in the future. Place your money origami in a heartfelt card or tuck inside of a photo book.

12. Dad You’re The Best Mouse PadWood-colored mouse pad with photos in letters

Give Dad something to spruce up his office desk. This personalized mouse pad allows you to include three photos of the newest addition of your family. Choose from a rectangular or a bracket-shaped mouse pad.

13. Father’s Day Gift Basket

Father's Day gift basket

Gift baskets are a simple way to personalize a gift by including everything the individual likes. Throw together a bunch of Dad’s favorite snacks and drinks that he can munch on while he’s camping, hiking or after the gym.

14. Outdoor Drink Holders

Blue tin can drink holders

These drink holders are the perfect addition to any Father’s Day cookout. Dad will have a convenient place to store his beverage as he lounges in a lawn chair by the pool. These would also be the perfect addition to any beach bonfire on a summer night.

15. Baseball Wall Decor

Upcycled wooden cabinet with baseballs

This DIY Father’s Day craft is a home run! Take some baseballs and an old cabinet to create the perfect addition to his office, man cave or workshop. Embellish your creation with some twine for the finishing touch.

16. Toffee Blondies in a Jar

Toffee blondie ingredients in mason jar with recipe

Every new dad deserves a delicious treat. Put all the ingredients for toffee blondies in a mason jar and include a recipe card. The next time he’s in the mood for something sweet, he’ll reach for these and be able to make them in an instant.

17. Best Dad Puzzle

Black best dad ever puzzle with photosDoes Dad have a knack for puzzles? Keep him entertained with this awesome keepsake puzzle. When he puts the pieces together, he’ll be reminded that he’s the best dad ever.

18. Bowtie Root Beer

Painted bowtie pasta attached on root beer bottles

Add some pizzazz to Dad’s favorite drink with these adorable bowties. Simply paint some bowtie pasta and glue them onto the neck of root beer bottles with a hot glue gun.

19. Handmade Burp Rags

Hand sewn colorful burp rags

These burp rags are both practical and personal that any new dad will find useful. Sew together some patterned fabric with matching thread and viola! He’ll be able to reach for these rags when he’s spending quality time feeding your newborn baby.

20. A Book for Dad

Light blue book about dad with drawings

This wonderful keepsake is something that you and your newborn baby can actually make together. Fashion a booklet out of patterned washi tape and cardstock in Dad’s favorite colors. Write down your favorite qualities about your guy and trace your baby’s handprint on the pages for a special touch. This is definitely something he’ll look back on for years to come.

21. Bottle Cap Fishhooks

Beer bottle caps made into fish hooks

Does Dad have a knack for fishing? Make him some beautiful fish hooks fashioned out of bottle caps. He’ll love using these as he enjoys a relaxing day at the lake.

22. Greatest Dad I Ever Saw’ Card

Foil card shaped like a saw with message for dad

This fun card is sure to make him chuckle. Craft a card in the shape of a saw out of some tinfoil, paint and cardstock. Be sure to include a heartfelt message on the inside.

23. Painted Cork Coasters

Hand painted cork coasters

These coasters make the perfect place for your guy to place his drinks while kicking back on the couch. For a personal touch, paint the coasters in his favorite colors and use painters tape to create fun geometric patterns. Personalized photo coasters will also make the perfect addition to any coffee table.

24. DIY Handprint Baseball

Baseball with baby handprint

This craft is ideal for any first-time father who loves sports. Simply take a baseball, dip your baby’s hand in fingerpaint and gently press it onto the ball. Include the words ‘Love You Dad’ to create a personalized keepsake.

25. Homemade Muffins

Muffins in plastic container with black bow

Your new dad will feel very appreciated with these delicious muffins. Choose his favorite flavor like blueberry, chocolate chip or banana nut and place them in a plastic container for a professional look. Include a fun tag and serve on a tray as part of his Father’s Day breakfast on bed.

26. Clay Catchall Tray

White and blue circular tray

This handmade clay catchall tray will be the perfect place for dad to place his keys, phone or any spare change in this pockets at the end of the day. Personalize it with his name or gently press your baby’s footprint into the clay before it dries.

27. DIY Paper Kite

Yellow kite made out of twigs

This fun craft is sure to bring out the inner child of any new dad. Made out of string, twigs, construction paper and string, this project will make a great addition to your baby’s nursery as wall decor.

28. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Cookie dough truffles dipped in chocolate

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? These cookie dough truffles are dipped in chocolate, making them super decadent and delicious.

29. Manly Hand Scrub

Hand scrub in a jar wrapped in green ribbon

This is a great gift for the guy who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. After a day of working out in the garden or in the workshop, he’ll be reaching for this scrub that will have him feeling rejuvenated.

30. Grillmaster Barbeque Apron

Tan apron with dad grilling design

Any new dad will feel like a chef in this DIY grilling apron. Protect his clothes in style as he whips up some yummy steaks for a summer BBQ party. Personalize with the words ‘Dad’ or ‘King of the Grill’.

31. Homemade Barbecue Rub

Barbeque rub in clear jar with label

Whip up a yummy blend of spices so Dad can show he’s king of the grill. This spicy and sweet barbecue rub will taste scrumptious on steaks, chicken and fish.

32. Cheers Pilsner Glass

Pilsner beer glass with photo book

Give Dad something to sip on while he unwinds for a relaxing Father’s Day. Personalize pilsner glasses with his initials or birthday. He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite brew as he watches sports on TV.

33. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Rosemary shaving cream in clear jar with blue razor

As a new father, your guy is probably in need of some pampering. What better way to help him relax every morning than with some homemade shaving cream? The rosemary and mint essential oils will have his skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh.

34. DIY Bacon Recipes

Bacon jam, bacon salt and candied bacon in jars

This is a superb gift for bacon-loving dads everywhere. Choose from bacon jam, bacon candy or bacon salt for some added flavor. Or make all three and place inside a box with tissue paper for a professional look.

35. Hand-Stamped Handkerchief

Blue handkerchiefs stamped with glasses and anchors

This DIY handkerchief craft will allow you to personalize this Father’s Day gift with whatever graphics you think your guy will like. Take a stamp, some paint and a colored handkerchief and make a fun pattern he will really appreciate.

36. Recycled Lid Photo Magnets

Recycled lid magnets with photos inside

This is a great DIY craft that uses any drink or bottle lids you may have lying around. Paint the lids in his favorite colors and glue magnets on the back. Take photos of you and your baby and attach the photos inside the lids. These will add a personalized touch to your fridge that he’ll love.

37. King of Duct Tape’ Treat Crowns

Duct tape crowns on beer can and cupcake

Does he like to use duct tape to fix everything? Put a fun twist on his favorite snacks and treats by making duct tape crowns. Place these crowns around popcorn, cupcakes or pretzels and give him something to munch on while he watches TV.

38. Building Memories With Dad Gift Jar

Building blocks in a jar with activities written on them

This simple, homemade present is the gift that keeps on giving. Take some colorful building blocks and write some fun activities that will allow you and your baby to bond with Dad. While your newborn may not be able to participate in all of the activities right now, they will be able to do them as the grow up and can connect even more with their father.

39. Catch of the Day Pencil Holder

Block pencil holder with fish design

This craft will make a perfect addition to Dad’s office. Capture his love for fishing in a practical way by crafting a pencil holder out of a painted wooden block and attach pictures of his favorite fish. Include some of his favorite colored pens and pencils too.

Taking on the role of a first-time father is a big step in a man’s life. Celebrate all he has done for you and your newborn child with these handmade Father’s Day gifts. Not only are they practical, but they will also express your unconditional love with their personal touches. Choose to customize your gift for him for an extra special present he will cherish forever.

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