31 Inconsiderate And Disgusting Things People Have No Reason To Do In Public, Yet They Do

While it's natural for us to have individual habits, it is important to consider the impact that our actions may have on those around us. After all, we often work, travel, and go shopping surrounded by other people, so why not make these random encounters at least bearable? There's plenty of nonsense in the world that's out of our control already. No need to contribute to it.

So, let's begin our quest of becoming a considerate passerby by taking a look at one viral Reddit post. Created by a now-deleted user, it asked everyone on the platform: "What is something people do in public that gets under your skin?" In just days, the post has received over 5,000 comments, many of which detail our annoying behaviors. Here are the most popular answers.


People who litter

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Speakerphone calls.Seriously, just hold the phone to your ear. No one wants to listen to your conversation.

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Watch Tik Toks or videos LOUDLY.

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Groups that walk 5 wide on a sidewalk chatting away like they're the main characters

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People being oblivious to their position or how they are blocking an entire aisle.

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People that take up the whole aisle in the grocery store. Push your s**t to one side or the other so other folks can shop, you inconsiderate prick.

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Coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths

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When I worked at Starbucks I got written up because I was working window and some guy came through in a pickup and ordered a venti caramel macchiato. He's a regular turd when I open the window and charge him but when I came back and opened the window to give him his coffee, he was actively dumping all the garbage from inside his truck all over the drive thru. Receipts, kleenex, mcdonald's wrappers and tim hortons cups, all over the ground and he was doing this like it was the most natural thing in the world. I said, "what are you doing?" and he said, "they pay them to clean it up".

I said I was going to have to clean it up and he shrugged, so I dumped his drink on the ground between the window and his truck and told him I was saving him a step. It was rural Alberta, so the situation was de-escalated by an even bigger guy getting out of an even bigger truck behind him and telling Litterbug to get moving. Bro had to call the store to complain, I still had to pick up the garbage and I got written up but I'd do it again just to watch his face as he watches me dump his fucking drink.



Get to the top/bottom of an escalator and then simply stop in order to figure out where to go next. Like, the rest of us have no choice in our movement right now, we're going to pile up behind you!

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not letting people off the train before trying to cram themselves into a full car. just let people off and there will be more room!!! how do you live/work in the city and not learn this by day 3!?

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If you're waiting for me to back out of my spot so you can take it, that's cool, *but give me room to back out first for f**k's sake.*

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Standing too close behind me in line. It will not make the line move faster, I promise.

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Leaving their shopping carts out in the middle of the parking lot, rather than taking the cart to those designated spots the store puts out.

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Record strangers without consent

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Idiot drivers who change lanes way too sudden and not use their f*****g turn signals.

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Be rude to anyone trying to do their jobs. Times I just wanna slap the person silly and tell them to grow the f**k up.

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People who keep passing me and then slowing down so I have to pass them. I'm on cruise control going the same speed all the time. Pick a speed, we don't need all this lane changing!

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Smoke near the entrance of an establishment, then I have to walk thru the smoke.

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Saw some kids in the literal front row of a movie theater with their bright a*s phones on taking selfies the entire time. Like wtf who bought your tickets and why bother even going to the movie?

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Not pick up after their dog. I live in an apartment complex and I see dog s**t *everywhere* despite there being free baggies and trashcans. It's literally in the lease agreement and they need to start enforcing it.

People who don't leash their dogs. Regardless of their recall ability. When a dog comes running up to me and my dog, the owners always call out, "Oh it's okay, he's friendly!" Yeah, but you know who *ISN'T*? You know who is about to start s**t because a stranger just got up in her face? My cranky a*s 13 year old dog leashed by my side.

Also the cat owners that let their cats roam completely unattended outside. My dog has been attacked twice on our walks. Completely unprovoked ambush. I was scared she was gonna lose an eye.

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Chew loud

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People NOT washing their hands in a public restroom after using it. I work in a store and see if often. Disgusting.

Another user added:

This is how it is at all the casinos, where everything it touch - screens, cards, chips, etc. More than half of men do not wash their hands, even after using the crapper.

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Walking slowly in the parking lot, in the middle, with cars waiting on you to stroll to your spot.

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People who are obnoxiously loud with no consideration to the person(s) standing right next to them.

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Having no situational awareness at all.

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Cyclists behaving like they are the protagonist of an action movie. Almost got hit by one while walking because he was making videos while riding his bike.

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Chit chat excessively with the checkout clerk at the grocery store when there is a line of people behind them

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I dont know how to put it but not navigating a store correctly. You should navigate a store like you drive. Leaving the aisle you stop and yield to people on the main walkway. Stay on your side while walking and pull over properly and get out of the way if you need to stop and look. Check your blind spots. Etc etc.

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Stop in a walk path

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We have a girl that [watches TikToks loudly] in the bathroom at work. More than once I've thought about turning the light off on my way out

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