2 delicious vegetarian pasta recipes

We all love pasta. We all wish we could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I personally have two favorite Veggie pasta recipes and I cant help but share it with you all. So here are two easy and delicious pastas for you! Both around 15-20 minutes to make :).

Creamy pasta with mushrooms and spinach


What do you need? (all ingredients are added on feeling. Do what feels good!)

Your favorite pasta

Spinach (big bag, cause spinach shrinks like theres no tomorrow)

Garlic and herb cooking cream (Boursin cuisine, Dutch people!)




Pepper (opt.)

Regular cooking cream to make it more creamier (opt.)

Put the water on the fire for it to boil for the pasta. Saut one onion and one clove of garlic (once again, add as much as u want to ur taste), cut the mushrooms and add the pepper. When done add the mushrooms. Bake those until they are light brown and then add the washed spinach. Youll see the spinach shrinks a lot, so dont be scared when you add so much that the spinach almost falls out the pan. When the spinach has shrunk you add the garlic and herb cooking cream along with the regular cooking cream. Add everything to the pasta and tada! Enjoy this yummy dish ;).

Noodles with veggies and Quorn

What do you need? ( once again added by feeling)

mixed veggies to stir fry, such as lettuce of choice, bell peppers, carrots, corn, etc.



Soy sauce (less salt version)

Egg (opt.)

Mushrooms (opt.)

pepper (opt.)

So, in the list Ive added Quorn. I love to add Quorn to my dishes once in a while. It has a meat substance, but has its own unique and delicious taste. Quorn is available in most countries ( not US :( ) and is a great replacement for your meat. Quorn is made of mycoprotein and is vegan!

Start by stir frying your veggie mix and mushrooms if you wanted those too. Dont forget to boil water for your noodles and egg either! Then when almost done add the Quorn, for it has to cook for 5 minutes. Add the soy sauce and pepper along with that. That was basically it, haha! Its so easy, quick and delicious. I also believe that if you leave the egg out you got yourself a vegan dish.. But do correct me if Im wrong.

These were so quick and easy that the blogpost wasnt really long, but I do hope you guys enjoyed this! Dont be afraid to try it out and let me know via WordPress or Instagram ;).

Until next time,

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