15 Best Restaurants in Ozark, MO - Travel Lens

15 Best Restaurants in Ozark, MO – Travel Lens


Ozark in Christian County boasts several excellent restaurant options if you’re looking for a great meal.

You’re likely to discover something you like because many restaurants within the area serve a wide range of cuisines.

Whether you’re looking for a big and filling meal to energize you for the whole day or a quick snack, you’ll find anything you’re looking for in Ozark!

Aside from this, there are also hidden gems in the area that serve up unique dishes that will take your taste buds on a journey filled with new flavors!

Prepare your stomach because you’ll surely want to try out all of the great dishes at the restaurants in the city.

Here are the 15 best restaurants in Ozark, Missouri, you should try:

Salvatore’s Fresh Ristorante Italiano

Pasta at Salvatore's Fresh Ristorante Italiano
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Salvatore’s Fresh Ristorante Italiano strives to offer Ozarks residents a taste of Italy and continues to expand and make various improvements to its menu.

When dining at Salvatore’s, you are guaranteed to discover a meal they will enjoy.

Take advantage of their homemade pasta and munch on pasta dishes with so much flavor!

Outside view of Salvatore's Fresh Ristorante Italiano
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You don’t have to worry about your food allergies because they can turn any pasta dish gluten-free by using gluten-free spaghetti or zucchini noodles.

Salvatore’s also offers a wide selection of mixed classics, draft, and bottled beer, and Italian wines that are uncommon in Southwest Missouri.

They provide the best wine pairing for any dish, from vintage reds to traditional whites.

Mundo’s Latin Kitchen and Bar

The slogan for Mundo’s Latin Kitchen and Bar is “Taste the Flavor of Latin America.”

The Gallo Pinto, a scrumptious dish made of rice, beans, flavorful seasonings like colored pepper and cilantro, and onions is one item you don’t want to miss on their menu.

It’s quite popular in Costa Rica. It also comes with fried eggs, sweet plantains, and grilled chicken breast.

Another delicacy from Venezuela called Patacon on their specialty menu is a must-try.

It is a whole, ripe plantain that has been flattened, deep-fried, and topped with lettuce, cilantro sauce, pico de gallo, black beans, and your choice of shredded meat—chicken, beef,  pig, steak, or vegetarian.

What are you waiting for? Try these dishes at Mundo’s Latin Kitchen and Bar.

Billy Gail’s Restaurant

Pancake at Billy Gail's
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A charming small restaurant tucked away in the heart of the Ozarks is called Billy Gail’s Restaurant.

The restaurant is renowned for its wholesome cuisine and welcoming ambiance.

Billy Gail’s Ozark Restaurant is a homey breakfast establishment where you get ample servings that are flavorful.

Breakfast at Billy Gail's
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Have you ever eaten a pancake the size of a steering wheel?

If you haven’t, then try doing so with your loved ones here!

Traditional Ozark fare including catfish, hush puppies, and chicken-fried steak are all available on the menu.

You must try their “Ultimate Monte Cristo Sandwich.”

They use their own Billion Dollar Bacon, slow-smoked ham, cheddar jack cheese, two over-easy eggs, toasted to perfection, and hash browns as sides.

Currently, Missouri is home to three of Billy Gail’s branches.

The Ozark Mill

On the first floor of The Ozark Mill, this riverfront restaurant serves lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday with a view of the Finley River’s glistening waters.

The family-friendly menu features delicious plates of pasta like short rib pasta with a lot of mushrooms that are very rich and flavorful.

Their fire-baked grain mill pizzas are topped with creative toppings as a homage to The Mill’s original use.

The ingredients that they use here all come from the farms in Ozark Mill and you will taste the freshness of the ingredients from every bite of their dishes.

Keep in mind that The Ozark Mill only takes walk-ins, but don’t worry because they’ll always have enough space to accommodate you and your group.

Dine on delicious dishes while enjoying the riverfront view at this restaurant!

Yen Ching Restaurant

Rice meal at Yen Ching
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Yen Ching Restaurant was founded with the sole intention of providing its customers with an exceptional, mouthwatering, and memorable experience.

The cuisine at this restaurant features both classic and cutting-edge meals that have been expertly prepared over many generations of family cooking.

Your visit will surely not go to waste with the high-quality dishes they serve here.

Every dish the establishment serves is expertly prepared to delight your senses.

Their customer service is also top-notch because you will feel that you are part of the family behind the restaurant itself.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Ice cream at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
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If you’re looking for a place to fill your stomach with a nice, juicy burger and then get some dessert after, head to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers!

This restaurant is not your typical American hamburger joint since it also offers a sweet treat your whole family will definitely enjoy.

Sink your teeth into their French Onion Steakburger, a sandwich dish that comes with two juicy patties, Swiss cheese, onions, and bacon all topped with an incredibly creamy French Onion dressing.

Burger and fries at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
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If you want something with a flavorful kick, try their Jalapeno Pepper Jack Steakburger and enjoy an explosion of spices in your mouth!

To cap off your meal, order one of their creamy shakes or frozen custard.

Whether you’re looking for a filling sandwich or a sweet treat, you can get them under one roof at this restaurant.

The Finley

Outside The Finley
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All of The Finley’s efforts are directed toward giving guests an innovative, approachable, yet elegant experience.

They take great pride in providing the community with a quality dining experience in a setting that is incredibly cozy and steeped in early Ozark culture.

The menu includes a selection of hand-cut steaks, seafood, inventive salads & sides, and decadent desserts.

Delicious dish at The Finley
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They also offer wines here that go well with the menu of the restaurant.

The Finley Restaurant is dedicated to consistently offering its visitors a creative, cozy, and elegant eating experience.

This is the go-to restaurant if you want to have a fine dining experience with your loved ones!

Big Al’s Crab Shack

Crab at Big Al’s Crab Shack
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Foodies love the delicious sausages, prawns, and crab legs at Big Al’s Crab Shack.

They provide fantastic platters with sides and coated Snow Crab and Shrimp combinations.

They also have delectable cheesecakes that you will love.

Big Al’s Crab Shack is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful employees who are always willing to assist you.

If you want to chow down on delicious and fresh seafood with the whole family, this is the place to be!

Post Game Pizza

Pizza platters at Post Game Pizza
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You must have some delicious pizza, chicken, and sausages of Post Game Pizza when you are visiting Ozark.

The foundation of Post Game Pizza’s recipe for success is the use of premium ingredients that are always fresh.

Every day, the fresh dough is produced in-house for their hand-tossed pizzas and oven-baked bread.

They can satiate patrons of all tastes thanks to their extensive menu selections.

In addition to emphasizing quality, they have a focus on client satisfaction, focusing on how everyone should feel welcome at Post Game Pizza.

The only thing on their attention is you, whether you choose to eat in, carry out, or have food delivered.

Treat yourself whenever you want and let their pizza treat you well.

The Vineyard Market

The proprietors of The Vineyard Market desired a location where they could unwind and socialize.

The Vineyard Market is a location that one reviewer referred to as “one of those little-bit-of-everything venues where friends love to gather.”

The goal of owners Heather and Luke Davis was to create a conversation and smile-inducing environment in Ozark.

Their Olive Tapenade which is an olive and artichoke relish served with garlic flatbread crackers, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with grilled Naan bread, and pepperoni pizzas is a must-try.

Other dishes you should order include calzones like Tuscan Chicken stuffed with Italian cheese bread, tomatoes, artichokes, white wine creme alfredo, and olive oil for dipping.

They also have Salads & Sandwiches such as Grownup Grilled Cheese, Turkey BLT, Chicken Salad Croissants, and many more.

There are also soups and wine selections available on their menu.

Enjoy their hand-tossed gourmet pizzas, mouthwatering charcuterie boards, and divine desserts that will indulge your sweet tooth.

On the menu of The Vineyard Market, you can find the dish that goes well with your drink of choice.

Other Restaurants Nearby

Although there are many more restaurants you could dine in within Ozark, there are also eateries in nearby cities that you just have to stop by.

You don’t need to travel too far to get a taste of the exceptional dishes served by the next few restaurants.


Pasta at Piccolo
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Visitors to this restaurant are encouraged to sample Italian food offered by Piccolo in Nixa, which is 12 minutes away from Ozark.

This restaurant has been recognized as Missouri’s Best Italian Restaurant by Missouri Magazine in 2020 and 2021.

Their marinara sauce will sway you with its delectable ingredients, so don’t forget to order this one.

You can select among mouthwatering options in Piccolo Plates that offer fried calzone balls which is a pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella and ricotta then deep fried to get the crust crispy to have your every bite have a crunch, garlic cheese bread, Spin Dip Skillet and many more.

Pizza at Piccolo
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They also have a variety of Clasico Pasta from four kinds of cheeses blended stuffed in tortellini to Italian Trio to meaty Carni Raviolo to Vegan Pesto Fettucini to oozing Seafood Cannelloni and other pasta selections.

At Piccolo, customers may enjoy delicious cheesecakes, butter cakes, and chocolate cannoli that will indulge their sweet tooth.

You won’t soon forget a fantastic cup of tea or a mouthwatering bread beverage paired up with their sumptuous meals.

Customers may also unwind in this space thanks to the elegant décor and welcoming ambiance.


Rice meal at Koriya
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Koriya, a Korean restaurant in Springfield, is a 17-minute drive restaurant from Ozark, Missouri.

This restaurant offers a variety of Korean dishes that will make your mouth water.

At Koriya, you can always eat nicely prepared bibimbap, tofu, and mature-to-age kimchi.

You may try their rice bowls and lunch boxes, such as Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl, which contains a stir fry meaty bulgogi, kimchi rice, and broccoli on the side.

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Another dish you can order is the BBQ Rib Lunch Box, which has juicy BBQ short rib, rice, spring roll, chicken teriyaki, and salad.

They also have these moist and gooey chocolate cakes in their list of desserts that are perfect to cap off your meal.

You should also order iced green and plum tea to quench your thirst.

Karai Ramen + Handroll

Close up look of Ramen at Karai Ramen + Handroll
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Karai Ramen + Handroll is a restaurant that offers a variety of ramen that will give warmth to your stomach.

With just a 15-minute drive from Ozark, you’ll already be able to enjoy the filling and flavorful ramen here.

This restaurant uses Tonkotsu broth, which is used to make authentic ramen and is freshly boiled every day for between 24 and 48 hours to produce a thick, white broth.

Ramen at Karai Ramen + Handroll
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Pork chashu, Japanese for “braised till soft,” is expertly cooked and will melt once you eat a spoonful of the meat and broth.

Their ramen bowl is made to perfection and includes their famed al dente-style ramen noodles, a seasoned boiled egg that is hard on the exterior but soft and gooey within, kimchi, nori, sautéed wood ear mushrooms, and mountains of fresh spring onions.

This bowl will awaken your taste buds, and your addiction to its broth will bring you back for more.

City Butcher and Barbecue

Burger and corn at City Butcher and Barbecue
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If you are craving some barbeque, City Butcher and Barbeque is an excellent place to go.

This restaurant’s mission has always centered on quality and execution, and it’s just 16 minutes away from Ozark.

They use premium meat that’s been carefully sourced, use exact cooking methods, and served immediately.

Burger at City Butcher and Barbecue
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Their menu includes meat-by-pound selections where you can choose the part of the meat you want, like Smoked Turkey whose breast is marinated with sauces and smoked, making it juicy in every bite, or the famous Brisket, a prime beef covered with salt and pepper then smoke to achieve its delicious smokey tastes.

They have Austin Andouille, Texas Hot Link, and Jalapeno Cheddar sausages you might include in your order.

They also offer sandwiches with pork belly, burnt end, and pulled pork.

George’s Family Restaurant

Outside the George’s Family Restaurant
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George’s Family Restaurant, founded in 1973 by the current owner and has filled the community with dedication and love, has become a Springfield landmark.

They draw a wide variety of clients, including regulars looking for fantastic coffee and conversation, college students searching for all-day breakfast, and tourists traveling along the historic Route 66 corridor looking for amazing home cuisine.

From breakfast to burgers and homemade soups to traditional comfort foods like meatloaf and country-fried steak, they provide a variety of meals.

For breakfast, they have specialties like the Recession Breakfast, which has Two eggs prepared however you like them, with your choice of toast, hotcake, biscuit, biscuit and gravy, hash browns, bacon, or sausage, which is a popular dish that many customers want.

Sliders and fries at George’s Family Restaurant
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George’s Family Restaurant is renowned for its low prices and generous portions and located close to historic downtown Springfield.

It is also just a 20-minute drive from Ozark, so make sure to stop by this restaurant and find out for yourself how the dishes served here helped it become a cornerstone in the community!

Final Thoughts

In Ozark, Missouri, you can choose from a variety of great restaurants.

Whether you’re craving Mexican dishes or classic American fare, you’ll find something to chow down on in the area!

Take your taste buds on a journey filled with new flavors and mouthwatering delights and try these 15 best restaurants in Ozark, Missouri.

You’ll surely satisfy your hunger at whichever restaurant you decide to dine in at!


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