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15 Best Restaurants in Bristol, TN – Travel Lens


Situated in Sullivan County, Bristol is one of Tennessee’s many cities that offers great tourist experiences.

It’s also a twin city of Bristol, Virginia.

Previously owned by Reverend James King, Bristol is known as country music’s home or birthplace.

Besides music, the city also has plenty of delicious Southern-style food.

From steaks and pizzas to cocktails and home-cooked meals, these Bristol restaurants should satisfy your every craving.

Check out the best restaurants in Bristol, Tennessee.


Fried food at Aubrey’s
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Find a delectable selection of comfort food in Bristol at Aubrey’s along Pinnacle Pkwy.

Aubrey’s is the perfect place to spend brunch or dinner, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and low-key setting.

Delightfully delicious and uncommonly creative, Aubrey’s meals are undoubtedly worth tasting, especially their signature Strawberry Salad and Blackened Rattlesnake Pasta.

Another reason to eat at Aubrey’s is that they source their ingredients from local growers and farms, helping other businesses to grow along with them.

You’ll also find a great wine and beer selection from the restaurant if you plan to swing by in the evening.

Delta Blues BBQ

Grab the best authentic Southern food around Bristol at Delta Blues BBQ.

Located on the corner of Bristol’s State and 8th St, Delta Blues BBQ guarantees a proper Memphis feel integrated into each dish.

Enjoy the rustic setting and lively atmosphere inside the restaurant or by the patio while listening to blues-inspired music performed by local talents.

Kick off your dining experience with popular appetizers like nacho blues and loaded delta fries.

Then, move on to their famous blues burger, made from a blend of Angus brisket, short rib, and chuck.

While at it, pair your meal with draft pints like the Yeehaw Dunkle, State Street Long Tom, Yuengling Oktoberfest, and more.

Bristol Cafe & Market

If you are craving home-cooked meals while exploring Bristol, make a quick trip to Volunteer Pkwy, and grab a seat at Bristol Cafe & Market.

This family-owned restaurant is stocked with every dish you’ll usually find at home, which gives off a comforting and relaxing vibe with every bite.

Indulge in handcrafted sandwiches, homemade soups, signature sides, gourmet burgers, and freshly brewed coffee to start your day.

If you can’t get enough of Bristol Cafe & Market’s menu, you can bring home gift baskets and takeaways of your favorite dishes to share at home.

The restaurant also has a market that offers a variety of local goods sourced from small businesses, including jams, jellies, and handmade pasta.

Cootie Brown’s

You can’t possibly leave Bristol and Tennessee without ordering anything from the state’s very own Cootie Brown’s.

Cootie Brown’s currently has three locations: two in Johnson City and the other on Bristol’s Volunteer Pkwy.

The restaurant prides itself on serving real food, good times, and an eclectic atmosphere that anyone will surely enjoy.

From tamales and salads to pizzas and burgers, Cootie Brown’s ensures that all dishes are prepared without a sprinkle of MSG.

While you’re there, try a basket of grilled whole wings, Cootie’s chili, goat cheeseburgers, and much more.

620 State Restaurant

Sushi in 620 State Restaurant
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Dive into fusion food around Bristol when you explore the menu at 620 State Restaurant on State St.

620 State is one of the many restaurants owned by RMM Hospitality, with over ten establishments across Tennessee, beginning with the Stir Fry Cafe in 2004.

With RMM Hospitality’s years of experience, you can get only the best dining experience at 620 State.

Interior of 620 State Restaurant
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Enjoy their food and their rustic interior.

Take your pick from a wide range of sushi options and a slew of American and Asian dishes prepared using the finest ingredients.

After your fix, head to the cocktail bar and order a few rounds of your favorite drinks while chatting the night away with your closest friends.

Burger in 620 State Restaurant
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Bristol Bagel and Bakery

There’s nothing quite like fresh bagels on a fine morning, and you can get the best ones at Bristol Bagel and Bakery.

This bakery along State Street is every breakfast lover’s paradise, preparing fresh servings of delectable morning dishes.

Once you’ve had a hearty breakfast, you should check out the fresh pastries on display.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with your meal, and bask in the warm atmosphere in the area.

Bristol Bagel and Bakery also sells gift cards.

Check out the gift cards and share the wonders of the restaurant with your friends and family.

Mad Greek Restaurant

Pizza always makes a great snack or even dinner for some.

Luckily for you, Bristol has the Mad Greek Restaurant on Volunteer Pkwy.

For over 30 years, Mad Greek Restaurant has served mouth-watering pizzas accompanied by Greek-Italian dishes to the people of Bristol.

Mad Greek specializes in Mediterranean and Greek pizzas in flavors like Zeus, BBQ Chicken, White Pie, and much more.

You’ll also enjoy Mad Greek Restaurant’s house specialties like charcoal-grilled pork chop, smothered chicken, salmon filet, and ranch house chicken.

Kids will also enjoy picking out their favorites at Mad Greek, as the restaurant has a special menu for younger customers.

J Frank

Marvel at Bristol’s old architecture while enjoying a menu of seafood dishes at J Frank along 6th St.

Besides your usual shrimp platters and oysters, you’ll also see an eye-catching view of the entire J Frank restaurant in a restored 1850 Victorian home.

If you want to catch a stunning view of your surroundings, J Frank also offers outdoor seating where you can enjoy live performances by local artists.

Try their small plate offerings like crab hush puppies and blue point oysters before moving on to big plates like USDA prime ribeye, heritage rib roast, and fair island salmon.

J Frank also has a menu for brunch featuring pecan waffles, steak and eggs, deep dish quiche, and franks plate, among others.

La Carreta

If you ever find yourself craving authentic Mexican food while touring the streets of Bristol, go to Pinnacle Pkwy and grab a seat at La Carreta.

First established in Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1987, La Carreta features a great selection of dishes inspired by the small town of Jalisco, Mexico.

Start your dining experience with a serving of fajita-style nachos before moving on to the famous La Carreta Salad, a crispy flour tortilla filled with greens, chicken, and mushrooms topped with cheese dip.

If you’re craving seafood meals with a twist, try La Carreta’s Camarones a La Diablo or the Camarones Rancheros.

For dessert, don’t miss their famous flan or change, a deep-fried cheesecake.

Stateline Bar and Grill

Exterior of Stateline Bar and Grill
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There’s nothing better than relaxing in a local bar and filling up on some good food after touring the streets of Bristol.

If there’s one place to do that, it’s the famous Stateline Bar and Grill along State St.

Stateline Bar and Grill has served the people of Bristol since 2002, offering classic drinks in a comfy atmosphere that will only make you want to stay longer.

Beer and sandwich at Stateline Bar and Grill
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Dive into favorite dishes like hand-breaded chicken tenders, BBQ pulled pork platters, Stateline sirloin, and more.

For dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with a plate of fried cheesecake, brownie overload, or cookie monster.

Pal’s Sudden Service

If you’re a fan of the meals at Pal’s Sudden Service, then you don’t have to go anywhere but the location on Bristol’s Volunteer Pkwy.

Pal’s Sudden Service is America’s first restaurant chain to earn the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, so you should get only the best meals possible.

You’ll also enjoy the sight of Pal’s comics-style interior and packaging and the giant hotdogs and sodas sitting outside the restaurant.

Pal’s Sudden Service is a great place to eat any day, offering breakfast biscuits, burgers, sandwiches, and hotdogs.

For your drinks, take your pick from flavored iced teas, soft drinks, strawberry milkshakes, and much more.

The Angry Italian Restaurant

Bristol offers unique experiences, even regarding the food served in the area.

If you want a unique dining experience, you might want to swing by the Angry Italian Restaurant on State St.

The Angry Italian Restaurant infuses Chicago-style pizza with the traditional Italian way, giving customers the best of both worlds.

Try flavors like Original Southsider, Quattro Formaggi, Bianco, and tavern-style pizzas.

The Angry Italian Restaurant derives its name from head chef Keith Yonker and his passion for preparing the finest meals possible inside his kitchen.

Pins & Friends

Go to Pins & Friends on State Street to indulge in great food.

This fun restaurant in downtown Bristol serves various hearty meals that should keep you going while you play games.

Enjoy spare ribs, fish and chips, and gutterball grilled cheese while you play duckpin bowling with your friends.

Order the ten-pin platter with full-sized chicken drumsticks coated in classic sauces if you’re with a large group.

Pins & Friends also has several redemption games that should show you a fun night.

Machiavelli’s Italian Restaurant

Pizza at Machiavelli's Italian Restaurant
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You don’t have to travel far to satisfy your cravings for fine Italian cuisine in Bristol.

Go to 5th Street, in the heart of downtown, and find Machiavelli’s Italian Restaurant.

This restaurant offers everything Italian, from pizzas and calzones to pasta and desserts.

Cheese pizza at Machiavelli's Italian Restaurant
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Another thing you can look forward to at Machiavelli’s is live entertainment, where you can sing along with the musicians.

Don’t forget to try their chicken pesto, manicotti, mushroom and olive vermicelli, and more.

Other Restaurants Nearby

Boomershine Pizzeria

Drive 15 minutes outside Bristol to enjoy terrific helpings of local pizza from Bluff City, Tennessee.

Boomershine Pizza, located on Highway 394, opened in 2008 and became a local favorite for people stopping by Bluff City.

Start your meal with a plate of hot wings or some breadsticks with cheese.

Then, move on to specialty pizzas like ham and pineapple, spinach and tomato, mega meat pizza, and more.

Boomershine also has a great selection of subs, served with fresh bread and chips and pickles on the side.

Their hearty meals and delectable pizza slices should keep you fueled throughout your trip around Tennessee.

Final Thoughts

There is certainly a lot of food to try in Bristol, and finding the best ones to dine in can be overwhelming.

If you ever find yourself visiting the city, stick to this list of the best restaurants in Bristol, Tennessee!

Satisfy your cravings during your trip!


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