107 Times People Made Delicious And Creative Snacks For Valentine’s Day And Were Kind Enough To Share Their Ideas Online

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, pandas! Have you thought about how you plan to shower your partner and friends with affection? They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and personally, I have to agree. I love fresh flowers as much as the next person, but nothing makes me swoon more than decadent chocolate-covered strawberries, rich tiramisu or a steaming hot, heart-shaped pizza. So if you need some inspiration for what delicious treats your valentine might be craving this February, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

We’ve compiled some of the most heart-warming and mouth-watering edible valentines down below because nothing says “be mine” like a cherry pie (or a platter of cookies that literally say “be mine”). Keep reading to also find interviews with food blogger Laureen King, the woman behind Art and the Kitchen, and cookbook author and founder of Weelicious, Catherine McCord, to hear their thoughts on V-day treats. Be sure to upvote all of the photos featuring foods that would fill the void in your heart and your stomach, and then, if you’re interested in checking out even more Valentine’s Day inspiration, you can find a Bored Panda article featuring brilliant Valentine’s Day gift ideas right here!

#1 I Made This For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: crybabysagittarius

#2 Because I Like To Play With My Food, I Baked A Tic-Tac-Toe Cherry Pie For Valentine's Day

Image credits: ThePieous

#3 The Lip Cake For Valentine's Day

Image credits: ShelbyElizabethCakes

Whether you love Valentine’s Day almost as much as you love your partner or you believe it’s a fake holiday created by greeting card companies, there’s no denying that surprising your loved ones with a delicious treat is a kind thing to do. And why fight the celebration? I’m a huge proponent of taking any excuse to show my friends and my partner how much I love them, so I happily do so every February 14th. And as it turns out, many people around the globe do too. According to an Ipsos survey with participants spread across 28 countries, 55% of adults who are in a relationship like to do something special for V-Day.

When it comes to the itinerary for these love birds’ Valentine’s Days, 41% planned a romantic dinner at home, while 35% planned to go out on the town. And as far as gifts go, ones of the edible persuasion were extremely popular. 34% of people said that their partners were getting chocolate or candy, while 28% planned to give flowers, and 20% gifted fragrance or perfume. Certain countries prefer sweet valentines even more than others, though. In Japan, 75% of people who planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day reported they would be purchasing chocolate or candy, and in South Korea, 61% of people said the same.        

#4 Maybe We Took The Sparkles Too Far. The Customer Was Over The Moon, So That’s All That Matters, Right?

Image credits: apothone

#5 Happy Valentine's Day To All My Pizza Friends Around The World. This One Is For You

Image credits: pizzajarifinland

#6 Bob's Burgers Valentine's Day-Themed Cherry Pie With Sanding Sugar Topping

Image credits: ThePieous

To learn more about the best goodies to give out for Valentine’s Day, we reached out to food blogger and the woman behind Art and the Kitchen, Laureen King. First, we wanted to know how Laureen typically celebrates February 14th. “Spending Valentine’s Day with my special sweetie, my husband of 32 years, is important,” she told Bored Panda. “We will either go out for a nice meal or prepare something extra special at home. Of course, Valentine’s is all about having an extra special dinner, an exquisite dessert, or a Valentine’s Day treat.” 

When it comes to some of Laureen’s favorite V-Day recipes, she shared, “Children love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I like to start the day with heart-shaped pancakes and strawberry sauce. For a special treat, I decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies. Dinner is seafood, like my scallops and carbonara, followed by decadent chocolate cake that I make in my heart-shaped cake pan.”

#7 My Triple Berry Valentine's Day Pie

Image credits: FiFibonacci

#8 Mom's Valentine's Day Floral Cupcake Set

Image credits: kxtasha1

#9 Happy Valentine's Day. Red Heart-Shaped Waffles With Lots Of Heart Sprinkles

Image credits: ourrainbowdays

We also asked Laureen if she had any tips for people who might not be the greatest chefs but still want to make something special for their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. “Make a picnic basket of nibble food (cheese, cold cuts, crackers, fruit, etc.), a bottle of wine, and of course, a box of chocolates,” she told Bored Panda. “If it is too cold to enjoy outside, spread a blanket and fluffy pillows on the living room floor and light some candles.”

“If you want to cook, keep it simple,” she added. “Don’t stress by trying a complicated recipe with a ton of ingredients. Make your table setting beautiful, pull out the fine china and stemware. Light some candles, and decorate the table with flowers.”

#10 A Heart-Shaped Cake I Made For Valentine's Day. Vanilla Cake, Swiss Meringue Buttercream, And Red Fondant With Sugar Pearls

Image credits: mathwifey

#11 Happy Valentine's Day Board

Image credits: food.nic

#12 Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Image credits: krazievue

We were also curious if Laureen thinks food can be used as a love language. “Absolutely!” she told Bored Panda. “Nothing says ‘I love you' more than taking the time to prepare something extra special.”

“Valentine’s Day is a day to tell everyone in your life how much you love them, not just your sweetheart,” she added. “Keep some heart-shaped chocolates on hand to pass out throughout your day.”

If you’d like to find some delicious recipes to prepare for your valentine, be sure to check out Laureen’s website, Art and the Kitchen, right here!   

#13 Mini Valentine's Day Ganache Cake

Image credits: yolanda_gampp

#14 Futurama Valentine's Day Pie I Made

Image credits: aphrahannah

#15 Valentine's Cookie Pack Just Came Out Of The Oven. It's So Hot

Image credits: cookake_suma

To learn even more about the perfect foods to prepare this February 14th, we also reached out to Catherine McCord, a celebrated cookbook author and founder of both the popular website Weelicious and the family food brand One Potato. Catherine was kind enough to share with Bored Panda how she typically celebrates Valentine’s Day. “Every year, I have a Valentine’s dinner for my kids,” she says. “I decorate the table with red roses, heart decorations, boxes of chocolates, little gifts and a huge meal full of their favorite dishes like Chicken Meatballs with Mini Wheel Pasta, Winter Citrus Salad and Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes.”

#16 I Made Some Valentine's Day Cookie Pairs. These Were My Favorites

Image credits: Rb011389

#17 I Am On A Business Trip, And My Girlfriend Called Domino's To Send Me A Surprise Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Pizza

Image credits: chopped_broccoli

#18 Valentine's Day Cakes. I'm Still Not Sure Which Was My Favorite

Image credits: hannaas4256

Catherine also shared with us a list of 23 festive Valentine recipes that are guaranteed to get kids excited. “I make the Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts every year!” she told Bored Panda. Her list also features some adorable Puff Pastry Berry Hearts, Dried Cherry Scones, Red Beet Pancakes, Raspberry Cream Chocolate Cookies and many more mouth-watering delights. If you’re not sure which treat will satiate your loved one’s sweet tooth this V-Day, Catherine definitely has something that will be right up their alley on her website.    

#19 I Just Wanted To Share My Valentine's Lunchbox Cakes

Image credits: Half-BloodPrincesss

#20 Some Valentine's Day Cones For Your Valentine

Image credits: lovenikkile

#21 Bee Mine, Valentine

Image credits: sandpipercookieco

Catherine was also kind enough to share some tips for people who aren’t super confident in the kitchen. “Pick recipes with few ingredients like Heart Waffle Sandwiches, Heart Pizettes or Berry Heart Parfaits,” she recommended. “Even if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, you can cook a simple Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin and Winter Citrus Salad by grabbing a few simple ingredients. And when in doubt, order in from your favorite restaurant.”

#22 Will You Be Mine? Hedgehog German Cookies

Image credits: funfoodbymia

#23 My Friend Baked Her Valentine's Woes

Image credits: silentassasin

#24 I'm 16 Years Old, And I'm Recovering From Anorexia. This Is The Valentine's Day Cake I Made And Ate Without Fear, With My Family Yesterday

Image credits: its_smallbread

“Food is the ultimate love language,” Catherine told Bored Panda. “We all eat, and sharing the foods that are most special to us is a beautiful way to connect. Cooking together as a family or with a loved one is a special way to spend Valentine’s and show someone you love them.”

If you’d like to learn more cooking tips or find even more delicious recipes from Catherine, be sure to check out her new cookbook Meal Prep Magic right here!   

#25 Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: FairchildIV

#26 I Made A Cake For Valentine's Day

Image credits: BabyCakesBakeryyy

#27 Last Night I Made The Best Cake For Valentine's Day. It’s A Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Cake With A Salted Caramel Crunch Layer

Image credits: margotdreamsofmaking

I don’t know what’s stronger at this point: my appetite for romance or my appetite for Valentine’s Day cake. Oh, who am I kidding? Definitely cake! We hope you’re enjoying this mouth-watering list of Valentine’s Day treats, pandas. Keep upvoting the photos featuring bites that would make you swoon if your sweetie made them for you, and let us know in the comments if you have any other brilliant ideas for adorable and delicious V-Day goodies. Then, if you’re interested in gaining some inspiration for what Valentine’s Day gifts to give your loved ones, check out this Bored Panda article next!   

#28 Valentine's Day Bento

Image credits: 1920pixels

#29 My Fiance Got Me This For Valentine's Day And Said, "I Know How Hard You've Been Working, So I Thought You Might Be Able To Eat This While Dieting." So Thoughtful

Image credits: whatisinitforme

#30 Homemade Valentine's Chocolates

Image credits: cellardoor418

#31 Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Image credits: DrOrtizCardona

#32 Valentine's Day Macarons

Image credits: MrGodless

#33 For Valentine's Day, I Made A Chocolate Lace Collar Cake. It Could Be Way Neater, But I'm Happy Enough

Image credits: Casplen

#34 My Homemade Chocolate For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Zohla

#35 The Three Techniques I Tried For My Random Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Image credits: TheJadeSparrow

#36 I Made Valentine's Day Cake Popsicles

Image credits: Sunshine_2425

#37 "Neko Atsume" Cookies For My Valentine

Image credits: Sun_Queen

#38 Mini Milkshakes For My Little Valentine's ⁣

Image credits: theshowgals

#39 My "Stranger Things"-Themed Valentine's Day Snacks. I Love The Way It Turned Out

Image credits: ChristineHMcConnell

#40 Some Valentine's Day Koala Cookies I Made For My Daughter's Class In School. Theme Is "You're A Koala-Ty Friend"

Image credits: Rcrowley32

#41 Valentine's Day Dinner Menu Confirmed. Beet, Ricotta Ravioli, And Strawberry Pop Tarts

Image credits: screelpoke

#42 Homemade Valentine's Day Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 I Had A Blast Creating These With The Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Heart And Truck Shapes

Image credits: miss_biscuit_

#44 Our Heart "Mug Hugger" Biscuits. A Perfect Sweet Treat For Santes Dwynwen And St. Valentine's Day

Image credits: sweetsnowdonia

#45 Love Is Sweet. Who's Ready For Valentine's Treats?

Image credits: leyanasugarstudio

#46 Valentine's Love Lock. Valentine's Day Special Creations

Image credits: c.chefdanish

#47 Valentine's Heart Waffles. I Added Food Coloring To Make Them Pink And Topped Them With A White Icing Glaze, Sprinkles, And Raspberries

Image credits: life.of.sophielewis

#48 You're The Coffee To My Croissant

Image credits: coffeecitygal

#49 Love Smoothie Bowl

Image credits: maria_castillo.e

#50 All From Scratch Cookies For My Cookie

Image credits: shibuyacrow

#51 My Valentine's Day Sets

Image credits: Deberdoo_68

#52 Kicking Off My Valentine's Day-Themed Pies With Some Wee Heart Fingers

Image credits: thepieous

#53 Happy Valentine's Day. Will You Bee Mine?

Image credits: thepieous

#54 Homemade Pizza Pun. Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Image credits: AdoroDesserts

#55 Pizza Cookies I Made For My Boyfriend For Valentine's Day

Image credits: rawrmeowslp

#56 I Am Really Proud Of How My Valentine's Day Macarons Turned Out

Image credits: eternal_starfish

#57 My Homemade Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Image credits: AdoroDesserts

#58 I Made These For Valentine's Day. I Hope It Will Last For 24 Hours

Image credits: st3phyyy

#59 I Made Some Miniature Pies For My Sister's Valentine's Day Bake Sale

Image credits: gcpelo

#60 Some Cookies I Made For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Hatahkinn

#61 Homemade Valentine's Day Churros

Image credits: BrandonsGotCakes

#62 Valentine's Day Dinner For My Keto Lovers

Image credits: n_sed

#63 I Love Monsters I Made For Valentine's Day At Work

Image credits: Bakerboss365

#64 My Vegan Valentine's Day Cupcakes I Will Be Eating Alone

Image credits: your-citrus-friend9

#65 Valentine's Day Surprise Cupcakes For The Teen Girls I Volunteer Mentoring. Vanilla Cupcake With Vanilla Buttercream. Classic And Delicious

Image credits: buttercream73437

#66 Bacon Roses For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Agn823

#67 Valentine's Day Dessert For My Fiance

Image credits: RadicalApatheist

#68 I Made Some Valentine's Day Cookies For A Coworker's Birthday

Image credits: frankdiabetes

#69 My Little Valentine's Day Cake

Image credits: pikkypok

#70 I Made Valentine's Day Cake

Image credits: driffe

#71 I Made Cupcakes For Valentine's Day. I'm Going To Give Them Out To Neighbors And Some Friends

Image credits: infinite8802

#72 Monday Is Sweeter With A Little Valentine's Snacks

Image credits: positivelypearson

#73 I Typically Don't Do Anything For Valentine's Day, But I'm Trying To Add Some Cute Things This Year For The Kids

Image credits: modernmeetsfarmhouse

#74 Charcuterie Boards. I Finally Got My Own A Few Weeks Ago And Have Put Together My First Board. Happy Valentine's Day⁣

Image credits: frypartyoffive

#75 Every Valentine's Day, I Cook An Epic Meal For My Wife. Here Is This Year's Dinner

Image credits: jattea

#76 My Cake For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Nalaleung_

#77 Heart-Shaped Choux Au Craquelin With Strawberry Cheesecake Filling For Valentine's Day

Image credits: atashifutoidesu

#78 Snoopy-Inspired Valentine's Day Cake. Keeping It Simple And Clean

Image credits: CakeLuvsMe

#79 Valentine's Day Grazing Box

Image credits: Professional-Turn460

#80 Happy Valentine's Day. My Homemade Heart Pie

Image credits: Crafty_Quote

#81 Chocolate And Cheese Board That I Made For Valentine's Day Party

Image credits: Dilah1982

#82 Preparing For Valentine's Day With These Rosette Cupcakes

Image credits: kaffreeee

#83 My Valentine's Chocolates For My Husband This Year - M&M Chocolate Pretzels

Image credits: CynnaminToastCrunch

#84 I Had The Itch To Bake A Cake This Weekend, So I Took A Full Advantage Of The Upcoming Valentine's Day

Image credits: caitlinliboiron

#85 For Valentine's Day, I Made A Sous Vide Duck Confit On Parsnip Puree With A Red Wine Orange Reduction. In The Background Are Gougeres And French Cheese Choux Pastries

Image credits: frozensymbol

#86 Doing My Test Run On Valentine's Sugar Cookies Before Orders Starts Coming In

Image credits: diplodocus4lyfe

#87 I Tried Baking Some Lovely Cookies For Valentine's Day. I'm Not That Expert With Royal Icing. I Hope They Are Worth Buying

Image credits: MaraStellaBakery

#88 Lock And Key, Wonky Hearts

Image credits: flourdbybethany

#89 It's Never Too Early For A Little Valentine Snack

Image credits: ruthhamilton7243

#90 It's Always Strawberry Season Somewhere. Try This Refreshing Strawberry Pie With Lemon Cheesecake Filling And Chocolate Crust

Image credits: houseofelynryn

#91 Heart-Shaped Crumpets Should Be For Life, Not Just Valentine's Day

Image credits: treacledays

#92 Valentine's Day Pancakes Served Two Ways

Image credits: rosettesmix

#93 Valentine's Breakfast For My Wife

Image credits: satsumanightmare

#94 Valentine's Day Treats From A Talented Friend

Image credits: ryanstorm

#95 Vegan Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board With A Coldcut's Rose That Tiktok Made Me Do It

Image credits: plantpotguitar

#96 I Woke Up At 04:15 To Make This Breakfast For My Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: girlintraffic

#97 Some Of My Valentine's Day Options

Image credits: Asiulad

#98 I Made Valentine's Macarons

Image credits: bonniebelle29

#99 Almost Raw Vegan Berry Cacao Cheesecake For Valentine's Day

Image credits: cableknittv

#100 My Homemade Lemon Tart I Made For Valentine's Day

Image credits: RAWkWAHL

#101 Perfect For Valentine's Day. Red Velvet Pancakes With A Strawberry Mousse

Image credits: TheYummyGeek04

#102 Every Valentine's Day, I Cook An Ambitious Three-Course Meal For My Wife. Here Is This Year's Attempt

Image credits: KnivesAndShallots

#103 Homemade Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Image credits: reddit.com

#104 With Valentine's Day Coming Up, I Thought I Would Share These Simple Peanut Butter And Jam Heart-Shaped Waffle Sandwiches

Image credits: The_Healthy_Toast

#105 Cardinal Valentine's Sugar Cookies I Made For My Aunt. I Really Like The Effect Of Layering The Royal Icing, So They Look A Bit More 3D

Image credits: drfrank1982

#106 My Girlfriend Wanted A Salad For Last Night's Valentine's Dinner, So We Made A "Heart Beet" Salad Together

Image credits: blarfflesnap

#107 My Valentine's Day Cake I Made

Image credits: PsychoSemantics

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