100 People Who Were Pleasantly Surprised When Their Food Request Was Taken Literally (New Pics)

Rarely does it happen that things go the way that we hoped they would. Dreams stay in the dream realm, fulfilled only through the help of our psyche, whilst the real world continues to work against us. But there are those moments that make life worth living, especially when it comes to food. 

The subreddit named “Delicious Compliance” allows people who’ve had their dreams come true to a T to share their moments of bliss. What you ask for, you shall receive! You get extra pickles, and you get extra pickles, everyone gets extra pickles! If you don’t want them, we won’t be shoving them down your throat (unless you’re into that kind of thing). 

So, dear delicious readers, enjoy this wholesomely satisfying list, and don’t forget to upvote your favorites! Also, leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, mayhaps sharing your own stories of wondrous generosity. If by the end of it you’re still feeling peckish, I’ve got another Bored Panda article right here. Enough talk, let’s munch into it! 

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#1 A “Medium" Ice Cream Cone

Image credits: BmeBenji

A silencing of a frustrated desire, representing the world as one would like it to be rather than as it actually is. That is one way to define wish fulfillment. Some others would probably say that getting their life’s worth of pepperoni on a pizza comes close as well. 

Over 178k people have witnessed or have shared their dreams coming true, in the most wholesome and delicious form, with the help of the “Delicious Compliance” subreddit. Asking for what you want—what you really really want—doesn’t always work out, but that’s never the case in this little corner of the world.

Created all the way back in December 2016, it has housed an unprecedented number of fulfilling, wholesome, and utterly hilarious dishes, some of which you, dear reader, are scrolling through today. But let’s dive a little deeper into this deep-dish pizza and question what it actually means to have your dreams come true. 

#2 This Was Supposed To Be A Single Taco. I Didn't Ask For Anything Extra. Needless To Say I'm Very Happy With The Portion Sizes Today

Image credits: herodothyote

#3 Extra Limes, Please

Image credits: uglypatty

Dream come true (idiom): something you have wanted very much for a long time that has now happened. Shocking definition, I know! Would have never been able to figure out what that meant, that’s for sure. However, there is one thing that is a bit confusing—why does it happen so rarely? 

According to S. Freud and his theories on dreams, he believed that wish fulfillment has to have an element of prohibition. A kind of forbidden fruit situation, if we may—you want something so bad, but there’s something in the way of you getting it. Whether it be the law, moral constructs, or a pesky wall, the turmoil of getting to your desires makes the dream all the more sweet. 

#4 Would You Like A Side Of Pizza With Your Pepperoni?

Image credits: rztan

#5 This Regular Pepperoni My Brother Ordered

Image credits: WannabeWriter1016

#6 Asked For Extra Jalapeños

Image credits: CalvinVGB

Hence why perseverance should be rewarded more than a singular achievement. Although if all you do is try to get to your dreams, but end up not reaching any outcomes, are you actually getting anywhere, or are you just running on the treadmill of life? Effectiveness and success are about progress, not effort. They’re about the outcome, not the output. 

But back to wishing and the beginning stages of action-taking. A wish never arises in isolation; it always encounters other wishes, opposing it in an open structure so that desire is always in the process of organizing meaning. You can thank Jacques Lacan for that one… He considered this always-incomplete destiny of desire to be the basis of the human condition.

#7 Asked For Extra Sour Cream, Got A Swamp

Image credits: taintflip

#8 That's A Lott'a Cheese

Image credits: qpwoeiruty00

#9 I Asked For "A Bit Of Extra Sauce On The Side" And Was Hit With 31 Packets Of Assorted Sauces

Image credits: 16bitTango

Let’s break that down in human language. The process of organizing meaning: our purpose here is never set in stone, and it’s based on our cravings for the present and the future. The more we dream, the more enriched our potential purpose becomes, especially considering the fact that wishes are never isolated, but rather intertwined. 

You wish to win the lottery so that you can afford your dream house, so that you can partake in your favorite activities, so that you can treat your beloved people. Or, in this case, you dream of endless olives on your pizza to fill your taste buds with joy, to bring you closer to heaven on earth, and to fuel your love for olives even further. 

#10 Well Ok Then

Image credits: RustyMK1

#11 Shout Out To Poke 1/2 La Jolla, You Done This Fat Kid Proud

Image credits: erikgratz110

#12 Mod Pizza: Asked For As Much Cheese As They Can Legally Give!

Image credits: AmatureMD

Thing is, once that dream is complete, another takes place. And the dance goes on and on until the day we expire. As soon as we stop craving, we start decaying. So never stop reaching for your dreams, dear Pandas, especially if they’re the tasty type! 

I’ve always said this and I will repeat it—if you want something, ask for it. Don’t let it stay in the back of your mind as though it is a forbidden secret. Let the Starbucks employee know you want five espresso shots and 20 pumps of gingerbread cookie syrup. Hold the milk; add the cream. No judgment. 

#13 Special Instructions: "I'd Like Enough Red Pepper Flakes To Kill A Donkey Please"

Image credits: dame_de_boeuf

#14 Thanks, I Love Ice Cream Hamburger

Image credits: AlphaO4

#15 I'm Visibly Pregnant And Was Craving Falafel. I Asked For All The Pickled Turnip/Pickles. Shwarma Joint Delivered!

Image credits: Edna_Krabappelous

"Never be ashamed! There's some who will hold it against you, but they are not worth bothering with," J. K. Rowling said. If your dreams are big, people will mock you for them. That is a reality of life, sadly. However, that shouldn't distract you from having the most delicious, glorious, and iconic lunch to have ever existed. The haters can suck on a pinecone. No disrespect to pinecones.

As you continue scrolling through this list, dear readers, don’t forget to upvote your favorites, leave some comments on your own experiences and favorite foods, and I shall hope to see you in the very near future! Adios! 

#16 Asked For Extra Walnuts On My Walnut And Ricotta Tostada..

Image credits: DuckieSaysQuack

#17 Chef Asked If I Wanted Some Extra Limes For My To Go Order... The Box Felt Heavier Than Expected

Image credits: 2TieDyeFor

#18 Can I Get Extra Pickles With My Sub?

Image credits: MrClepto

#19 My Friend Ordered A Chip Butty At A Pub And This Is What They Got

Image credits: Ah_nice

#20 Asked For Extra Roast Beef On My Sandwich

Image credits: mf9812

#21 Asked To Replace Sesame Seeds By Extra Green Onions On My General Tao Poutine... I'm Not Disappointed!

Image credits: QCPilot24

#22 My Daughter Wanted Ham & Pineapple On Her Cheeseburger Sub. Pineapple Wasn't Listed As Add-On. Made Special Request & Offered To Pay Extra. They Added Pineapple At No Charge. They Got Tipped Extra For This

Image credits: SkyrimWidow

#23 Customer Asked For "A Very Generous Amount Of Olives " He Did Not Go Home Displeased

Image credits: the_tech_guy1452

#24 I Asked Taco Bell For As Much Fire And Diablo Sauce As They Could Legally Give Me...they Were Laughing So Hard When They Handed Me The Bag

Image credits: thedancinghippie

#25 Asked For Extra Croutons, Can’t Complain Lol

Image credits: Crystalbis

#26 I Am A Menace To Society. My Dumb Pregnancy Brain Accidentally Ordered My Husband A Burrito With No Tortilla

Image credits: Kordidk

#27 I Asked For "As Much Artichoke As Physically Possible"

Image credits: karusthegiant

#28 Some Nutter Came In And Ordered A Burger With Every Protein We Offer. He Ate The Whole Thing...and The Fries

Image credits: Entchen_Momo

#29 That Is Chicken Popcorn

Image credits: Bionicleinflater

#30 Asked For Some Garlic To Go With Our Korean BBQ

Image credits: jjkim1997

#31 Asked For Extra Pickled Red Onions On My Nachos. I Can’t Even See What’s Underneath Them

Image credits: DeificWhiteBoy

#32 We Asked For Lemon With Our Tea

Image credits: Satenicus

#33 Asked For A Bit Of A Bigger Bowl Because You Could Not Even Dip A Chip In The Original Bowl Comfortably, So She Gave Me This With ‘Tude. Chip And BF For Reference

Image credits: peachymucus

#34 They Got Exactly What They Asked For

Image credits: Lonely_Boii_

#35 When You Ask For One Extra Side Of Sauce And They Casually Give You Six Instead

Image credits: bandqueen

#36 "Extra Cherries Please, I'm Sad"

Image credits: YourMostFavoriteNPC

#37 My Mum Asked For Extra Custard With Her Dessert, They Delivered

Image credits: Chocolaterain567

#38 This Made My Day

Image credits: iwant2beyourdog

#39 Dude Gave Me A Whole Onion. Nice

Image credits: apple-sharpie

#40 I Asked Them To Give Me As Many Cherries As They Were Allowed

Image credits: drpeanutbutters

#41 $3.50(Canadian) Casino Deli Turkey And Swiss. Asked For Extra Oilves And Pickles On The Side

Image credits: Bhinds87

#42 I Asked If They Could Make My Slice A Bit Thicker. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: JustKeepItQiet

#43 Asked For Some Crushed Pepper To Top My Pasta

Image credits: jjkim1997

#44 A ‘Small’ Side Of Sweet And Sour Sauce

Image credits: XenophonOnTheLawn

#45 Asked For Extra Sprinkles And Followed My Request With "Go Crazy"

Image credits: AnthrallicA

#46 My Friend Asked For Lots Of Nacho Cheese, The Cheese Was Removed From The Pump And Free Poured

Image credits: Buckthorn-and-ginger

#47 My Wife Ordered A Hamburger “With Meat Only”

Image credits: Quader87

#48 Asked Texas Roadhouse For Some Extra Rolls With Meal And Side. They Gave Me A Whole Bag Full!

Image credits: RichJMoney

#49 Need That Added Cronch

Image credits: TheImpossibleGal

#50 Ordered 20min Before Closing Time. Asked For Leftover Nuggets And Got A 20pc And A 6pc For Free

Image credits: JustKeepItQiet

#51 Around Beginning Of Pandemic, Ordered Two Large Lattes On Uber Eats, Added Note "Don't Send Latte, Just Fill Cup With As Much Iced Espresso As Possible With This Much Money"

Image credits: Litenstein

#52 Putting The Cherry In Cherry Coke

Image credits: coolaaron88

#53 Asked For Extra Green Onions On My Noodles. Wasn't Disappointed

Image credits: oneqwkgt

#54 Almost Got $3 Of Cheese At A Concert, The Cups Half The Height Of The Pretzel

Image credits: Existential_Sprinkle

#55 So I Work At Halal Shack And Someone Ordered This Today...

Image credits: mikelieman

#56 I Asked For “As Much Cilantro As You Can Give Me Without Getting Fired.” Perfection!

Image credits: marrell

#57 I Asked For Extra Garlic Sauce With My Garlic Potatoes

Image credits: l00kbehindy0u

#58 I Asked For Lots And Lots Of Cream Cheese Icing On My Cinnamon Buns

Image credits: willowthemanx

#59 20-Piece Nuggets. "With Ranch, Please"

Image credits: LadyMayflowerWrites

#60 I Asked For One Extra Fortune Cookie

Image credits: daaa-aaad

#61 When Does A Dream Become A Nightmare?

Image credits: CanadianGladiator

#62 His Request Said "Please Extra Champignons I Will Pay Extra Please Totally Overdo It For The Mother Of Champignons"

Image credits: HoodsFrostyFuckstick

#63 I Asked For Extra Extra Jalapeños On These Potatoes

Image credits: Barron_Gee

#64 Ordered From Jersey Mike’s. Asked Them To “F Me Up With Pickles.” Did Not Disappoint

Image credits: KeepTheFaith613

#65 Asked For Extra Olives On My Salad!

Image credits: Kaizen336

#66 Asked For Some Extra Garlic Bread From A Local Italian Place

Image credits: DancingYoshi

#67 Asked For Extra Onions On My Mcdouble. Was Not Disappointed!

Image credits: TheBatCommander

#68 What I Said: Extra Provolone Please! What The Cook Heard: Block Of Cheese

Image credits: pappapill

#69 Hungry Howie - Asked For As Much Crust Flavoring That He Could Give Me Without Getting Fired

Image credits: Tamizander

#70 I Was Asked What I Wanted With My Oatmeal. Asked For Craisins, Walnuts, And Brown Sugar. Can’t Even Tell It’s Oatmeal

Image credits: InkedLyrics

#71 I Asked For Extra Hot Chilli Peppers From Papa Johns

Image credits: LoopsyX

#72 Asked For A Few Dipping Sauces For My Fries… I Received All The Sauces (K-Bob’s In Ft Stockton)

Image credits: Tigger1337E

#73 I Told My BF I’m Only Into Caesar Salad For The Toppings… He Hooked Me Up!! I Actually Had To Remove Some Of It Lol

Image credits: LilNightingale

#74 Asked For Extra Caramel

Image credits: UncleBilly007

#75 My Coworkers Were Meeting Up For Lunch For The First Time And I’m Sick At Home With Covid. I Asked My Teammate To Drop Off Something From The Restaurant. Boy Did He Comply. Banana For Scale

Image credits: jlmcdon2

#76 The Cook Asked If I Wanted A Little Extra Tater Tots

Image credits: Ixz72

#77 Asked For Some Croutons With My Soup

Image credits: dadjo_kes

#78 I Asked The Barista For "Black Coffee, No Room, So You Can Fill It Up As Much As You'd Like." And I Even Spilled A Bit Taking It Off The Counter Before This Pic!

Image credits: mickdog11

#79 “I Picked All The Biggest Ones For You Because You Were So Polite With Asking For Extras”

Image credits: shoelessjp

#80 Dominos

Image credits: firesculpting

#81 Went On A Disney Cruise And Was Asked What I Want For Dessert. I Said "Nothing"

Image credits: Sayomi_Koneko

#82 I Asked For Extra Ginger To Replace The Wasabi And This Is What I Got

Image credits: Gagagirl3

#83 We Asked For Extra Blue Cheese

Image credits: dw_h

#84 Asked For Extra Cherries In My Limeade At Sonic

Image credits: ambasciatore

#85 Finally, The Right Amount Of Pickles

Image credits: hiccupsandheels

#86 Can I Have All The Sauces For My Zeppole?

Image credits: raulrocks99

#87 Asked For Extra Onions On My Coney. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: DaddyBearsie

#88 Wendy's - Asked For Extra Cheese On My Fries. Usually Only Get A Sprinkle More. The Fries Were Buried

Image credits: AmatureMD

#89 Told Waitress We Like Blue Cheese With Wings And She Gave Us 6

Image credits: nicotineamy

#90 Went To Taco Bell Today And Accidentally Asked For A "Large Diablo" When I Pulled Up To The Window This Is What The Guy Handed Me

Image credits: Outrageous-Bug78

#91 Doesn’t Look That Delicious, But Wings With “Extra Sauce”

Image credits: ogshug

#92 Customer Asked For “Extra Extra Extra” Sauce, I Think I Delivered

Image credits: _zomato_

#93 I'm In Isolation. Asked My BF To Get Me Salt & Vinegar Chips

Image credits: shellybombelly-

#94 I Asked For Extra Green Onions On My Loaded Potato Soup. There’s Usually About 5 Or 6 Slices On There

Image credits: unsharpenedpoint

#95 This Is Not “Extra Pepperoni”. I Love This Place


#96 Asked For “An Illegal Amount” Of The Apple Crisp Sauce. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: josie1999

#97 I Asked For Extra Pickles (Normally Get One) And Got This

Image credits: nicotineamy

#98 Was Told To Split My Ice Cream With My Brother So I Did

Image credits: Paratism

#99 Today I Was On A 2 1/2 Hour Flight So We Were Only Served An Egg Salad Sandwich And A Brownie Later On. I Really Liked The Sandwich And Asked The Flight Attended For Another One, Not Only Did She Give Me 2 Sandwiches But Also 2 Brownies! I Hope Everyone Has A Nice Day!

Image credits: dionysxs

#100 Inspired By "None Pizza With Left Beef"

Image credits: TacoNoms

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