The Metal Peddler Lighthouse Key Rack Hanger - Large 9 inch Wide

The Metal Peddler Lighthouse Key Rack Hanger - Large 9 inch Wide

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Size: 9 inches wide x 12 inches high
Great for organizing! 5 rounded hooks for hanging keys, leashes, lanyards, medals, necklaces or other small items. And a magnet will stick to it, too!
Made in Pennsylvania, USA with 16-gauge American steel! Thanks for supporting American Manufacturers
Powder-coated black & includes 2 screws for easy mounting to a wall.
A great homewarming gift, the lighthouse is a wonderful symbol of welcome and saftey

Don't lose your keys or leashes anymore! This great silhouette is cut out of 16-gauge American steel and has 5 rounded hooks for organizing and storing items in one convenient location.

Package contains:
1 Key or Keychain Hanger with 5 hooks
Small bag with 2 screws for easy mounting.

Choose between the 6-inch-wide version or the 9-inch-wide version (if in stock). Both have 5 hooks. The hooks on the larger piece are a little wider and deeper, and are set further apart.

Great quality. Made in Pennsylvania, USA!

Other items you can hang from these hooks:
- Dog leashes, dog coats, harnesses & collars
- Show awards & competition ribbons
- Sports medals
- Lanyards
- Carabiner clips
- Belts & ties
- Scarves
- Jewelry, necklaces, and hair accessories
- Small flashlights
- Lightweight purses & totes (with narrow straps)
- Magnets
- Kitchen utensils
- Hand towels & Oven mitts
- Small travel umbrellas

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