JustNile Removable Wall Adhesive Shower Caddy Basket Rack Holder/Spice Rack with 6 Utensil Hooks

JustNile Removable Wall Adhesive Shower Caddy Basket Rack Holder/Spice Rack with 6 Utensil Hooks

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Removeable reusable adhesive pad convenient design multiple times only requires easy water clean then would able again does require pasted smooth flat non-porous surfaces such tiles acrylic stainless steel glass polished wood etc wipe dust air dry before stick give good friction press firmly make sure stay place

Declutter kitchen shower with rail hang towel movable hooks utensils loofah etc

Tools-free super easy application need any drilling hardcore tools usage suitable anyone everyone just peel stick leave wait hours

High safety feature with super strong reusable waterproof removable adhesive pad must applied correctly movable hooks added stability durability ensured

Recommended load lab-tested able carry while mounted clean glass surface chrome finish metal wire brushed look adhesive portion

Beautify declutter kitchen toilet space with this sturdy fuss-free metal tray basket rack store organize condiments mugs own pristine countertop shampoo soaps better enjoy relaxing shower handy shelf conveniently comes hooks hang utensils hand towel shift directly bar well permanent drilling nails necessary now easily home instant just peel stick install what's more skip stress aligning item properly first try adhesive reusable does leave any residue removed readjusted anytime want how needed simply chosen wall surface clean dry reuse off sticker take care bend wash side under running water cleaning agents hair dryer cloth tissue before hanging fragile heavy items test hook bottle equivalent weight overnight warning only smooth flat non-porous surfaces such tile acrylic stainless steel glass mirror polished wood etc paste uneven rough porous cement soil whitewashed plaster wallpaper coverings water-based coating let come contact heat open fire

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